10 Ways To Use Cabinetry (Besides in your Kitchen or Bathroom)

Jul 29, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

Custom cabinetry designs were meant to be used all over your home. That being said, cabinetry is not limited to only kitchen and bathroom designs. There are SO MANY creative and functional ways to utilize cabinetry throughout all the rooms in your home. Hopefully now your mind is spinning with all the possibilities to capitalize on custom cabinetry. If not now, then definitely after reading this blog.

Have you ever considered custom cabinetry in your bedroom? Well you might consider it now after reading the list below…

  • Window seats are a fun way to add a cozy spot to relax and read. PLUS with custom cabinetry you can add drawers or shelves for extra storage and to show off your favorite decor. 

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  • Built in bedroom dressers are a great way to utilize all the dead space in your bedroom. No need to worry about the price and quality of a dresser; you always get quality for a great price when you choose custom cabinetry. Think about all the fun hardware options to choose from when designing a custom dresser, like gold, matte black, chrome, blingy diamonds, etc.

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  • Closets and chaos seem to go together without the proper organization tools. Our custom closet cabinetry can cancel out the chaos in your closets! Closet cabinetry adds specific storage spaces for all your clothing and accessories needs!

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What about custom cabinetry designs in all the living spaces in your home? Well, let me suggest some ideas for you… (Some of these ideas are interchangeable with different rooms)

  • Let’s start with the dining room, shall we? China cabinets are a great way to show off your antique or holiday china or dining ware. It’s hard to purchase the “perfect” china cabinet at a furniture store, that is why custom cabinetry can create your dream design.

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  • Entertainment centers are another exciting way custom cabinetry is used in homes. Large and decorative entertainment centers can be expensive, so why not create one that fits your electrical needs and is 100% original. If you want to add an extra bit of pizzazz, you can even incorporate a fireplace to your custom entertainment center!

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  • Laundry, like doing the dishes, is a chore that you can’t avoid. However, if you are able to design a functional laundry room using custom cabinetry you might actually start to enjoy laundry! Make your laundry room even more useful by making it a mudroom with custom lockers for each family member. 

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  • Working from home is becoming increasingly popular with all the uncertainties in this world. With that in mind, having a home office with custom cabinetry is a stellar idea and something homeowners should keep in mind. 

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We want to share a few more custom cabinetry ideas. Here are some common ways to utilize cabinetry in basements…

  • We can’t forget about the children of the house, that’s why adding a playroom/craft room in the basement is a splendid idea. Custom cabinetry gives playrooms or craft rooms tons of storage solutions with drawers, shelves, floating shelves, etc.

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  • Wet bar designs are a popular way to use custom cabinetry. It’s especially nice to have  a place to store or layout snacks and drinks for entertaining friends and family. Wet bars are usually decked out with (but not limited too) appliances, wine storage, floating shelves, or they become tiny kitchenettes. 

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Ready to remodel a room(s) in your home?!? Since custom cabinetry is better quality than most furniture, why not spread the quality throughout your whole home. That way you know your money is being well spent and your “furniture” will last a long time. Are you ready to install a custom window seat in your kids room, china cabinet in your dining room, or an entertainment center in your basement? The next step now is to find the right designer for the job… Don’t worry, we got you covered! 😉 SLD Designers!