How to Clean Black Plumbing Fixtures

Aug 25, 2022 | Cleaning Tips

 How to Clean Black Plumbing Fixtures


Black is a popular choice for so many things in our lives.  Almost every woman has a “little black dress” for that special occasion. We love a good pair of black pants or shoes. Black cars are still a very popular choice for a lot of people. The color black appears in all areas of our life including our homes. Black accents, black Cabinets, black hardware, and black plumbing fixtures are still all the rage in the design world.  


I also chose black for my most recent remodel project.  I chose black hardware throughout my home, and some great black Plumbing fixtures for both bathrooms. I LOVE how they look and function, but what I realized is that I didn’t know how to clean them. Toothpaste build up, soap scum, and water stains really show on black plumbing! I decided to try a good old bathroom cleaner to start. Nope… the white stains didn’t budge.  Then, I thought I would try Soft Scrub (I didn’t want to leave scratches). That failed as well. What should I try next? My mind immediately went to my tried and true cleaning product for all my tough water stains ~ the LEMON!Lemon


It is amazing how sometimes we just need to go back to the simple basics to really get something truly clean. I have used lemons to clean my glass shower doors and stainless steel fixtures for years, and nothing works better (at least that I have found).

 I cut a fresh lemon in half and started scrubbing it all over my black plumbing fixtures, including the sink drains. Success!! Most of the water stains and soap scum came out on the first go round. The sink drains need a little more scrubbing as well as some of the stains I let sit a little too long, but eventually they all came off. I couldn’t believe my trusty lemon came through for me again.


So…if you have black plumbing fixtures (or any plumbing fixtures for that matter), go get a lemon or two. Cut them in half and start scrubbing. You will thank me later.