3 Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves

Jun 7, 2022 | Bathroom updates, Design Knowledge, Design Trends

3 Bathroom Remodel Must-Haves! 


Bathroom Storage 1

There comes a moment in many a homeowner’s life when it becomes time to sell or remodel areas of their home. Given the current housing market (CRAZY) many homeowners are resorting to the remodel option because finding a new home is next to impossible in the current market. Once that decision has been made, it is time to decide what are the Must Haves (or absolutely can’t live without) details that need to be included.

 To save future remodelers a step, we asked the experts (designers) for their opinion. Let’s take a closer look at the options they suggested.



The first on the list shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since it is probably the thing that starts to drive us nuts the longer we live with a poorly functioning bathroom. After 2020, here at SLD, we are seeing more and more clients who are prioritizing organization in every space of their home. This makes sense considering we are spending more time in our homes whether that is for everyday living or the added factor that many of us are now working from home. So, you ask, what does organization look like in a remodeled bathroom? Specialized Storage! 

This comes in the form of your cabinetry choices like a linen closet, added drawers, cabinet organizers, and inserts for all our hair appliances, make up and more. I also talked to a specialist from https://www.theorderlyspace.com/ out of Washington.  They specialize in organizing every space in our homes. Their suggestion was these deep drawer bins from the Container Store to help organize all of our products that fill up our bathrooms. 

Storage Containers


They also suggested categorizing and labeling the bins for further organization. Simple changes that add such value to a newly remodeled space!


Must Have #2~Hand Held Shower Head

What? A shower head? Yes, you would be surprised how big of a difference the right shower head can make for your remodeled space. 

Why the handheld? Well, it has so many unique functions.

First and foremost, you can adjust the intensity of spray to your desired effect, so it can actually feel like you are getting a massage. WIN for all of our stressed out bodies!  Second, it is great for washing pets or kids. You can hold the sprayer and not get water all over the bathroom for those wiggly toddlers or pets eager to make a run for it.  It is also nice for elderly people who want the ease of a shower, but need to sit on the edge or in the tub for safety or medical reasons. Finally, it is GREAT for cleaning. How often have you tried cleaning your shower/tub and end up walking away soaking wet trying to rinse off all the cleaning product? Not fun! This is the perfect way to get all the nooks and crannies without you ending up taking a bath too! 


Must Have #3~Comfort Height Toilet with Heated/Lighted Seat

I have to admit I was skeptical about this one until I got one in my bathroom. GAME CHANGER!! The light is perfect as a night light for those late night runs to the bathroom where the last thing you want to do is turn on the bright overhead light. Plus the heated seat! There is nothing like sitting on a toasty warm seat when it is cold outside (especially here in weather crazy Michigan). Finally, you add in a comfort height toilet.  No more doing squats trying to sit on the toilet seat. This toilet is made for comfortable sitting (hence the name). Small details with a big effect!



Surprised? What about the walk in shower, soaker tub, heated floor tiles, and other features? These are great too, but to really make your bathroom a space that fits your lifestyle and needs for years to come, these 3 Must-Haves are what the experts recommend! 

Stop in today and let us help make your next bathroom remodel GREAT!