2022 Design Trends

Jan 26, 2022 | Design Trends

Design Trends 2022


New Year, New You!!  Come January every year, people get inspired to change everything…their bodies, their habits, their hairstyle, their clothing, and of course, their home.  We spent all of the prior two months indulging, partying, celebrating, and now we want a reboot or a fresh start. This of course leads to the question of the year (for all categories)…What is the new trend or style for (insert year)?  This could hold for fitness, clothing, and even our homes.  

**I always like to add a word of caution at this point!**Trends are just that, they are trends, and they come and go as quickly as they came. It’s okay to follow a trend with our hairstyle, or shoes, or even some of our decor. BUT, when it comes to our homes, we need to exercise some caution on following current trends and take a look at what is timeless and what fits with our lifestyle and personal style. 

With all that being said, Here are 5 trends for 2022 that you might want to consider for your home.

  • “Nature” Colors:

The shift for 2022 is towards colors that reflect nature, especially different shades of green.  I like to think of vegetables as a good example of the color palette that I am talking about.  Think beets, carrots, corn, your squashes, pumpkins, broccoli, turnips, and all the other earthy vegetables. These colors often produce a more calming effect and help us destress while we are in our homes.  We all know that the world is a stressful place (probably more than ever), and our homes have become our refuge and our place to unwind and relax. The soft oranges, greens, and yellows help us achieve this feeling and also remind us of the beauty of nature and the outdoors.

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  • Natural Wood Furniture and Pops of Black

Going along with the idea of nature, furniture is also trending towards the more natural.  Instead of painted furniture, the shift is to more natural woods. Chairs, tables, shelves, you name it are all in natural wood tones, or stained wood. Mission style furniture and wicker furniture are also showing up. Simple designs, simple comfort, natural feel is the push for 2022. We are also seeing pops of black added into the natural.  Seat cushions, railings, and accent pieces in black are making a showing as part of 2022. 


  • Casual, Comfortable, and Living

With many of us working at home and spending more time in our homes, we have also discovered that we want to be comfortable.  We want the comfy couch with lots of throw pillows and blankets. We are adding accent rugs in strategic places. We also want more nature!! That means live plants.  We are actually home to water and nurture them, so living plants are making a comeback. Large plant and small plants are all taking up residence in our homes in 2022. Along with comfort, we are also looking for Durability!  We want our furniture to last. Again, with more time being spent in our homes, we want the big items we purchase to be comfortable and long lasting to withstand our everyday lives. 


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  • Warm Toned Kitchens (less white)

Yes, we are finally leaving the grays and whites behind to some degree. Warm tones are definitely back! Wood cabinetry in various stains, off whites, and some of those “nature” colors (green, yellow, blue) are all showcased in current kitchen and bathroom designs. This of course doesn’t mean that a white kitchen is not still a good choice.  White combined with warmer tones is also currently trending. Also, don’t forget…white is a timeless choice no matter what the current trend or style may be.

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  • Light Colored Floors

We love our floors here at SLD!  Flooring can be such a simple, but integral part of your home design plan.  Here too we are moving away from the more gray toned floors and are starting to see lighter, warmer tones to fit the current furniture, color, and kitchen trends. Wood flooring and wood looking Laminate, and LVT/LVP are the most requested flooring choices of 2022. The other bonus of lighter floors is they tend to show less dirt, hair, and grime than their darker counterparts.  

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So, that covers 5 of the many current trends hitting the scene of 2022! Nature, natural, warm toned, comfortable, and durable are all the rage in this new year.  As always, we are here to help with any and all of your design and home needs.  Remember, It’s Your Home…Make It GREAT!!!