The Work Triangle Explained

Sep 28, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider, Kitchen Knowledge

Designer Insider By Design Assistant Nicole Evans

Whether your kitchen is big or small, a galley or U-shaped kitchen, the trusted  “Work Triangle” is the best method for helping design your kitchen.  


The work triangle is a guideline that helps plan the three main workstations in the  kitchen. This triangle is imaginary, but connects the refrigerator, sink, and  range/cooktop. Each connection should be measured between 4-9 feet.  Allowing this work triangle connection to be in your kitchen allows you to easily  go from your sink to your stove to your refrigerator.  

The work triangle concept also needs to have other guidelines to follow, such as  no major traffic patterns should cross through the triangle. This is important to  remember so that the main walkway does not have thru-traffic and  overcrowding cooking areas. 

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Another good point to mention is that a second triangle can be created by  adding other “Work Zones.” With the kitchen being more of a hot spot of  socialization and being multi-functional areas, there can be other zones in the kitchen to consider such as a prep sink or baking station.