Fall 2021 Decorating Ideas

Sep 28, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Holiday Fun

It’s that time of year again, time to make your home extra cozy for those hearty Fall family meals (mmm soups and chilis), snuggles while watching football (Go Lions), or coming home after that fun Fall activity (apple picking or corn maze). What are some tips and tricks to make a home “extra cozy”? Well, why don’t you grab a pumpkin spice latte to sip, snack on some sugary pumpkin donuts, and light that pumpkin pie scented candle (notice the theme) to get yourself in the mood to read about all things cozy and Fall for your home!

To have a successful autumn themed home your decor needs to be centered around these three things: warmth, earthy, and layers.

All Things Warm

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Just because the temperature outside is starting to drop, doesn’t mean all warm vibes need to go out the window too. Instead, counterbalance this with your decor color scheme. What does that mean for those with the timeless all white house? It means you have a blank canvas to add any warm colors to your space! We are talking any shades of tan or brown, faint or bright yellows and oranges, striking reds to bold burgundies, and of course greens and even certain blue hues. How do you incorporate all those warm colors throughout your home? DECOR baby! 

Ideas on how to add warm Fall colors to your…

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Living spaces —> festive pillows, blankets, candles, flowers (real or fake), figurines, signage, wall art, etc.

Kitchen —> festive seasonal dishware, utensils, mugs, towels, coffee supplies, air fresheners, flowers, and display or bake/cook Fall foods, etc.

Bathrooms —> festive towels, soaps, candles, air fresheners, etc.

Everything Earthy

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Everything that makes Fall SO special happens outside. The magic of autumn is in the leaves’ color changing, football game watching, apple picking, pumpkin patch and corn maze roaming, and apple cider and donut holes tasting (do I really need to go on). It’s time to bring those Fall earthy vibes home with you by using natural elements in or around your home!

Ideas on how to add earthy Fall decor to your…

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Deck, patio, or porch –> pumpkins, gords, cornstalks, Fall flowers, signage, lights, etc. 

Kitchen → pumpkins, gords, flowers are perfect for creating Fall centerpieces for your kitchen and dining room tables or the island.

Layer Up, It’s Fall

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What’s more Fall than layers? I mean layers are essential when going out for Fall activities. Sweaters, zip-ups, jackets, hats, scarfs, socks, are all perfect items to bundle up in that wishy-washy Fall weather. With that in mind, we refer to layers in your home as adding warm or earthy colors, patterns, and textures in one space. 

Examples on how to add decor layers in your home this Fall…

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Table —> floral table runner, rattan tray, and Fall figurines, etc.

Couch → Fall patterned pillows, knitted fall colored throw blanket, fuzzy blanket, etc.

Bedroom —> Fall inspired quilt, neutral toned down comforter, and fuzzy and knitted throw pillows

What are you waiting for? Welcome Fall, family, and friends in your home by following these three “extra cozy” Fall decor tips. Remember to bring the warmth inside this Fall with color tones. Don’t forget to add the magic of Fall by using natural earthy elements. Plus, to really create that cozy Fall feeling remember to layer colors, patterns and textures in all your conversation spaces. Happy Fall vibes from the SLD crew!