Playroom Cabinetry Ideas

Aug 5, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

Every kid needs a designated area to play, and every mom needs designated storage for all their toys. You are just in luck, because SLD has the perfect recipe to help you out with that. The secret ingredient is…custom cabinetry! 

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You are probably thinking…you’re crazy, why would I invest in nice cabinetry for my kids’ playroom? Well, it doesn’t have to be a playroom forever…right?!? Therefore, you are investing in your future too! Eventually it could become a home office for you and your spouse, the perfect craft/sewing room, maybe even a library, or keep it a playroom for the grands. Either option works for whatever phase of life you’re in, because this room already has functional storage to be anything you want it to be!

So, let’s make a list of cabinetry needs for a playroom that would also work for adults later on.

Window Seat

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  • Kids —> perfect spot for quiet time with books, coloring, or doing homework, plus another spot for snuggle time.
  • Adults —> perfect spot for reading, journaling, making to-do-lists, or just daydreaming.
  • BONUS: add drawers or make it a chest for extra storage!

Work Space Desks

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  • Kids —> perfect spot for coloring, crafts, building legos, homework, surfing the web, and so much more.
  • Adults —> perfect for remote work, managing all the bills, or just working on certain hobbies.
  • BONUS: using cabinetry means creating a custom, one-of-a-kind desk for all your (or kids) needs. Add storage in and above the desk with drawers, doors, and shelves, plus pick out your own countertop, hardware, and more!

Entertainment Center

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  • Kids → perfect for movies, video games, and a spot to store games, frame artwork, display trophies, and so much more.
  • Adults → perfect spot for a home theatre, second living space, or man cave for your husband. Let’s get real, we are never too old for movie night!
  • BONUS: this can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like using custom cabinetry!

Storage & Shelves

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  • Kids → perfect for displaying books, stuffed animals, lego designs, artwork, finished puzzles, awards, or anything else to make this space scream “play room”. Also, it’s a great place for toys to have designated spots for “clean up time.”
  • Adults → perfect for livening up the space with plants, books, pictures, and other decor items. Also, a great spot to store sewing, art, office, etc. supplies.
  • BONUS: ask your designer about cabinetry storage solutions. There might be great options for storing papers, paint, office supplies, etc.

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See, investing in a playroom now also has its benefits for the future. Your kids will love their own space and you’ll love all the possibilities it offers when they outgrow it. Not to mention, it adds value to your home and helps future owners visualize their own possibilities for that space. Now who is ready to add a playroom to their home? We know some designers who can help! 😉