A Contemporary Kitchen Guide

Aug 5, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge, Transformation Designs

Are you interested in a contemporary kitchen design for your home? Ever wonder what items and details make a kitchen contemporary? Well let’s take a tour through this stunning contemporary kitchen designed by Paige Moreau.

Designer Paige has contemporary dialed in, and it’s obvious when looking at this kitchen. The contemporary “WOW” factor is there, especially after seeing the “before and after” pictures. It’s simply amazing how designers are able to visualize a new space while staring at an old outdated one.


Contemporary designs have the super power of using any color scheme. However, for this contemporary kitchen, Paige and her clients chose neutral colors to create a timeless contemporary look. That way, if desired, they could use bright or bold colors when decorating. (the goal for this kitchen was to not worry about getting sick of a certain item or worrying about trends fading) That is why the cabinetry color is a mix of white and beige with accents of charcoal gray.


Even though those colors are widely popular in kitchen designs, Paige kept it different and interesting by the type of cabinetry used for this kitchen. Instead of the fan favorite white shaker doors, this kitchen sports a glossy, white and a textured, wood cabinetry finish in a slab door style; which creates that contemporary look using only neutral colors. Choosing a gloss and textured cabinetry finish keeps the integrity of a fun and free contemporary design without using a statement color(s).

BEFORE copy 2

Now let’s talk about the backsplash ~ don’t you love it?! In some contemporary kitchens, color is incorporated in the backsplash tile. Paige, being the brilliant designer she is, knew this geometric, mosaic tile didn’t need a bright or bold color to make a statement. And she was right, this tile has a subtle yet dramatic feel with it’s frosty finish and fun shape that creates an eye-catching pattern on the wall. All the other details, like the all white quartz countertops, integrated refrigerator, sleek modern stainless steel appliances, and the large matte black and gold hardware, completes this neutral color contemporary kitchen. 

BEFORE copy 3

Let’s recap on this contemporary kitchen

  • Cabinetry material and/or finishes can replace color. (as seen above)
  • Slab cabinetry doors are a MUST.
  • It’s never a bad idea to use geometric tile for your backsplash. (remember, this can be a great way to add color if desired)
  • Integrated and stainless steel appliances, or a mixture of both, screams “look I am a contemporary kitchen”.
  • Ultimately contemporary is simple and sleek items mixed with touches of vintage details.

BEFORE copy 4

Now you know what it takes to design your dream contemporary kitchen. What are you waiting for?!? Paige and all our other designers would love to help make your home (contemporary) GREAT!