Mud Room Design Ideas

Jun 28, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider

Designer Insider with Design Assistant Shannan Dorman.

Are you planning a mud room makeover? Here are some things to consider for your design.

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The space used doesn’t have to be large. It could be an area of your garage, a hallway, a stairway nook, or part of your laundry room. Cabinetry can be a beautiful way to conceal and enhance the functionality of this space. Let’s talk about some of those uses.

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Having a built-in bench is a great multi function option. It can be used for seating while putting on shoes, as a step to access higher storage, and as storage for shoes, mittens, scarves, etc.

Built in lockers, cubbies, shelving, drawer storage, and well placed hooks are great for organization. These allow space for each family member that accommodates jackets, laptop bags, backpacks, sports equipment, and leashes. 

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A large cabinet with a pet bed is a cozy space to accommodate your pets and give them a designated place to rest. Pull out shelving for bowls and pet food is another creative storage solution.

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Having a designated cabinet or desk area is a great way to create a drop zone and charging station as you come and go for your day.

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There are lots of different cabinetry options to create your own unique mud room. Our designer’s are experts at transforming an unused space and turning it into a functional masterpiece. Stop into Straight Line Design today to help make your mud room dream a reality.