Exciting 2021 Design Trends

May 27, 2021 | Designer Insider

Designer Insider with Design Assistant Nicole Evans

There are many things to look out for this year. Some may look familiar, and others may seem out of the ordinary. I have seen so many trends this year that I cannot choose just one! There are the maximalist, vintage, warmth, and nature trends.  

You probably have heard of “minimalist”, but have you heard of a “maximalist”? The maximalist look welcomes colorful decoration with creative expression. This style allows the mixture of contrasting colors and patterns. To achieve this, use different balances of print, with common types, to pull all patterns together. I like this trend because you most likely will only see one pattern used continuously in a space. With this trend, you can achieve a playful layer of detail. 

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It is always nice to add a personalized touch in a space. Many of us have antiques or passed down pieces from our relatives and wonder what to do with them. Whether you use the entire item or repurpose it, everything has its place when you take the time to add it in the design. The main approach is to offer plenty of contrast. Maybe allow layering of future items to add on to the vintage look or add some more luxury elements such as texture and lighting to help create a modern look along with it. This is a trend that I feel is a classic because no matter how you are trying to design, you can  be transitional in your design.  

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Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year Urbane Bronze, and Pantone’s Ultimate Gray have shown how a more earthy, warm color palette can be both  comforting and inviting. Especially with our long winters, having a warmer space to come home to is SO soothing. These colors also help create depth and a playful element to a space. For the longest time, the ‘cool tones’ were all the rage, and now the ‘warm tones’ are starting to come alive! 

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Add a plant in your design, and you are trendy! To improve your space even more, adding a vase of flowers, or a few succulent plants increase the aesthetics completely. My belief is that a plant is not a little space filler on the shelf. The nature, life aspect brings a beauty and color that cannot be done by anything else. The best part~ adding real fresh plants creates a filtration of  oxygen; you are benefiting the style of your home, and your health!

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