5 Favorite Elements for Kitchen Designs

Apr 27, 2021 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider, Kitchen Knowledge

Designer Insider with New Holland Manager/Designer Valerie Shurlow

When remodeling your kitchen, you might ask yourself, what items should be incorporated into your design? As a kitchen designer, I encourage all my clients to start by answering these 5 questions:

-What is your desired style? 

-How do you prepare meals and move around in your current kitchen? 

-What do you like best about your current kitchen? 

-What would you like to change?

-Do you like to cook/bake, entertain, or host on holidays?

Plus, it is also helpful for your designer to know these particulars: 

-Is this an existing kitchen you are looking to remodel, or is it a new construction?

– Where are you in the building/design process?

Everyone has different thoughts and ideas about how their dream kitchen will function. When my clients ask, “what do you think”, I suggest incorporating all or some of these elements into your new kitchen design. 

Here are a few things to think about when designing your new kitchen: 

Untitled design copy

#1. My favorite element ~ the Range Hood! I prefer placing a wood hood above the range vs. a microwave. This gives a nice focal point in your kitchen. What to do with your microwave now? Try placing your microwave in either a pantry or an upper cabinet to keep it hidden.

Untitled design copy 2

#2. Floating Shelves! If there is space, I will always give the green light to incorporate floating shelves in your kitchen. Floating shelves add character, texture, and make the kitchen design feel nice and open.

Untitled design copy 3

#3. A Finished Look! When designing the back and sides of the island or peninsula, I love adding decorative doors, trim, shiplap, tile, or shelves (for the sides). It really finishes off that desired design style my clients are searching for.

Untitled design 1

#4. Let’s Talk About Cabinetry! Balance is always key! I like to have a nice mixture of drawer bases and base cabinets with roll out shelves for convenience. This mixture helps with organizing your new kitchen and having a spot for all your dishware and appliances.

Untitled design

#5. Cabinetry Inserts! My favorite insert to recommend to my clients is the spice rack. However, I personally love pull out cabinets in general as well. This combo of cabinetry inserts are always nice if my client loves to cook like I do! 

Hopefully these tips will help you to start visualizing your dream kitchen! There are SO many design elements to consider. My goal is to try and make the design process fun and easy for you!