A look Into The Future Part 2 (2021 Bathroom Design Trends)

Dec 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

It’s time to take another trip to the future. Last month, we took a quick look at what is forecasting for 2021 kitchen designs. You may be wondering, what about 2021 bathroom design trends? Especially for those who are ready to update their out-of-date bathroom or expand that teeny, tiny master suite. Well, that is what this blog post is all about. So, let’s take the trip, buckle up…

The Top 2021 Cabinetry, Countertops, & Flooring Trends:

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Floating Vanities is the most popular cabinetry option in bathrooms. They are gaining momentum for any bathroom design from master suites all the way to half baths, and anything in between. With modern and contemporary styles on the rise, there is no wonder the sleek, crisp, lines of floating vanities are the most sought-after ~ especially in warm paint and wood stain colors.

Quartz Countertops are still the best countertop on the market. It may seem like we are a broken record, but quartz is truly the best. There is no other argument! The top 2021 bathroom quartz styles would be marble or cement look-alikes.

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Wood Visual Tile Flooring, especially heated, is the admired choice for bathroom designs this coming year. Hardwood and tile are the best flooring options for resale purposes, so it only makes sense to try to mix the two together. Tile is perfect for any bathroom as it’s waterproof, durable, and can be heated. Why not add the warm look of hardwood by choosing wood visual tile for your bathroom floors?

The Top 2021 Bathroom Appliances

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Soaking Tubs and a separate shower is still a must-have layout for your bathroom design. With all the stressors life has been throwing at us lately, it only makes sense to incorporate a soaking tub to your bathroom. Everyone dreams of that designated tranquil spot in their home ~ like a soaking tub. Soaking tubs without feet or decorative details are out of style, and tubs that go all the way to the ground are SO in style for 2021. They are more modern in appearance and easier to clean.

Smart Toilets go along with the whole contemporary/modern design style. Not to mention, germaphobes are going to love all the cleaning features that come along with adding a smart toilet to their bathroom. A few smart toilet cleaning features include self-closing lids, hands-free flush, bacteria-killing light under the lid, and so much more! You will want to start saving all your pennies to incorporate a smart toilet in your bathroom remodel.

Lighted Mirrors are what clients are asking for in their new or remodeled bathroom. This item is trending to be even more fashionable in 2021. Back lit medicine cabinets are growing in popularity as well. A lit mirror with storage ~ how do you top that?!

Other Top 2021 Bathroom Trends:

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Wall & Shower Tile this coming year will be large and in charge. You can say “bye-bye” to tiny mosaic tiles and say “hello handsome” to bold colors, dots, dashes, or anything graphically creative. The larger the tile the less grout seams you’ll see, making the tile design stand out even more! One tile that will not be going out of style is subway tile. Though, there is a twist! Subway tile that offers various large sizes, bold colors, lots of textures and finishes will be the most popular option.

Mix Hardware & Plumbing Finishes are definitely trending more and more when designing bathrooms in 2021. Favorite finishes to mix together are matte black and gold. It doesn’t have to stop there, matte black and pewter is a great look as well. While gold and brushed nickel in the right space makes the desired style. This trend just requires creativity and maybe the “green light” from your designer.

Now that your mind is spinning with loads of design inspiration for your 2021 bathroom remodel… What will be some of the trends you will want to incorporate in your bathroom? Imagining your master suite with floating his and her vanities, back lit mirrors, heated tile wood-looking floors, soaking tub, and large, eye-catching wall tile? Our talented designers would be able to help guide you in creating your dream bathroom. Remember ~ It’s Your Home…Make It (your 2021 bathroom) GREAT!