A Look Into The Future (2021 Kitchen Design Trends)

Nov 22, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge

Predicting what the future holds is like predicting who will win the Mega Millions Lotto next. Let’s face it, no one would have guessed what 2020 had in store for us ~ pandemic, shut downs, riots, etc. Most of us are counting down the days to say goodbye to 2020 and say hello to 2021. One exciting aspect of a new year is learning about all the new trends in the kitchen design industry. We won’t keep you in suspense any longer (like other things in this world) the trends include…

Top 2021 Design Style:

Untitled design 1

Contemporary is the dominant design style forecasting for 2021. Designs are simple yet still eye-catching all at the same time! Not to mention, contemporary designs can be easily combined with other stunning design styles.

Design Tip: Contemporary designs mixed with twists of Industrial, Rustic, & Traditional design elements are on the front of the 2021 kitchen design train. Which mix would you choose?!?

Top 2021 Cabinetry, Countertops, & Flooring Trends:

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Two-tone Cabinetry Designs are right on the heels of being the most popular kitchens this year. A two-tone kitchen would be considered two different cabinetry colors in one space, either bottoms and uppers are different colors or the perimeter and island are different colors. Whichever way you decide to use your cabinetry, two-tone kitchens are stunning! Especially, when the different colors create a large contrast like: light to dark or painted mixed with wood stained. The beauty is up to you!

Design Tip ~ Some trending two-tone cabinetry favorites are…

  • White uppers and navy blue, dark gray, or black bottoms
  • Navy or white perimeter and light or natural wood island

Other Trending Cabinetry Designs are mainly simplistic, like slab or flat door styles. Smart storage and larder cabinets are popular add-ons when designing a 2021 kitchen. Meaning, there is a designed spot for everything in your kitchen, PLUS daily appliances are concealed or hidden away by cabinetry to show a minimalist design. 

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Trending Countertop Designs are on the dark side this year, especially in black or charcoal gray solid surfaces. Quartz is still the leader in the kitchen design world. Plus, darker countertops hide stains and crumbs better than light colored countertops. Be bold this year and choose the dark side of countertops!

Trending Flooring Designs are leaning toward the Scandinavian style, which would be light wood tones. If Scandinavian style isn’t quite your thing, try a moody, charcoal gray or black color instead. Either option, depending on the space, would be a fabulous choice for any flooring in your home.

Popular 2021 Interior Colors:

Urbane Bronze SW 7048 245 C7

Trending Colors include…

  • Navy is at the VERY top of the list! This color is popular throughout the whole interior of the home like: cabinetry, furniture, fabrics, walls, etc.
  • Cool Neutral Colors, in other words, Grays are not fizzling out like some individuals may have thought. Grays are still extremely popular when it comes to kitchen designs, either as the cabinetry, countertop, backsplash, flooring, or wall color.
  • Earthy Tones, rusts, warm greens, deep reds, & bronze/browns, are trending accent or wall colors to incorporate into your kitchen design. 

Other 2021 Kitchen Design Trends:

Untitled design 1 copy 3

A Multifunctional Space ~ kitchens with a desk area are surging in popularity, especially due to SO many individuals working from home these days. That way you can still stay focused on work while trying out that dessert recipe you’ve been dying to make all in one space!

Two Kitchen Islands ~ one for prep work and one for entertaining is the reasons for this trend! 

Grid Tile Design ~ staggering tile design installs are out and tile installed one on top of the other is the new trend. White is still stylish, but darker colors such as grays or black are becoming increasingly popular for 2021 backsplashes!

Untitled design 1 copy 4

Hidden Hardware ~ also known as integrated hardware, is a popular addition to cabinetry in 2021. Integrated hardware goes with the whole contemporary, simplistic kitchen design style. Which is why it’s going to be all the rage this coming year for kitchens.

Mixed Metals ~ brass or champagne gold mixed with matte black finishes in one space are a must in your kitchen designs. The mixed finishes would come from your hardware, light fixtures, plumbing, etc.

Natural Light ~ incorporate as many windows in your kitchen design as possible. Everyone needs more sunshine in their life!

After filling your mind with the top 2021 kitchen design inspirations, are you ready to remodel your kitchen now? Imagine a brand new contemporary, two-tone kitchen with navy cabinetry and a natural wood island where your existing kitchen is currently. Would you want mixed metals? Would there be tons of natural light? Would your walls be painted gray? Would you have light hardwood flooring? Our talented designers would be able to help you answer those hard design questions. Remember ~ It’s Your Home…Make It (your 2021 kitchen) GREAT!