The Perfect Coffee/Wet Bar Combo

Oct 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

Let’s talk about beverages! Beverage stations to be exact, specifically coffee and wet bars. Every house needs a dedicated spot to satisfy their caffeine and wine cravings. Coffee and wet bars are becoming popular additions in kitchen or basement remodels. In that case, you should learn how to design the perfect one for your home!

Coffee Bar Ideas:

Untitled design 1

Larder Cabinets ~ are built right into your existing or new cabinetry for functional reasons like a coffee bar.

Open Shelves ~ in the kitchen is a great place to create your coffee bar, so you can show off your favorite coffee mugs and cute canisters.

Built in Coffee Maker ~ designates a space for a coffee bar in any kitchen design.

All Wet Bars Should Have:

Untitled design 1 copy

Simple & Sleek Cabinetry ~ works with either bright and neutral or rich and dark cabinetry colors.

Eccentric Countertops ~ try a more interesting countertop design by using stainless steel, concrete, butcher block, or a quartz/laminate which has lots of movement and colors in the design.

Audacious & Vibrant Tile Designs ~ make a statement by using textured, geometric, or bright colored tile accent wall or backsplash.

Decorative Storage ~ meaning floating shelves and wine racks to show off your glassware, wine collection, or just decor/signage.

Practical Appliances ~ like a beverage cooler for keeping your favorite drinks cold, and a microwave for heating up your favorite snack foods while entertaining friends and family.

Bar Ambiance ~ means using recessed lighting with lower watt bulbs for soft lights, to create that low-key, relaxed atmosphere.

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Now the trick is how to combine the two together in one space. Even though wet bars are usually placed in basements, they can also be an extension of the kitchen. That way when entertaining guests in the kitchen and family room areas there is easy access to drinks. Add a larder cabinet to your wet bar design, and you have the perfect coffee/wet bar combo! What will your beverage station design look like?!?