The Best Kitchen Elements for Resale

Oct 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Kitchen Knowledge

Are you sick of your outdated and unworkable kitchen design? The lack of countertop space that makes baking a cake from scratch an impossible task? The tight space where you’re playing elbow wars with anyone else that dares to enter the ring ~ otherwise known as your kitchen? The earthquake that never seems to end under your uneven kitchen floors making you trip and spill your family’s meals. It might be time to invest in your home, especially the heart of your home ~ the kitchen! 

Turn this kitchen into

Before you pick up the phone to call 1-800-NEED A DESIGNER NOW, or pick up the sledgehammer and start demolishing your existing kitchen design, you should consider what kitchen elements are the best to incorporate for resale value. Let’s learn more about those key kitchen elements, shall we?

The 5 Best Value Design Items: 

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#1. White Cabinetry 

White kitchens are light and airy making even the smallest kitchens seem and feel bigger. That is why white kitchens never go out of style and resell the best. 

Tip ~ Can’t afford entirely new cabinetry, try painting your existing cabinetry white.

#2. Kitchen Island 

Everyone dreams of an island in their kitchen. Islands give you a work space, extra storage, and a place to entertain. Make your island stand out with a different contrasting cabinetry color.

Tip ~ Favorite island cabinetry colors: black, gray, navy blue, or a stained wood.

#3. Quartz Countertops 

Quartz is king, and when installed in your kitchen remodel it instantly adds mega value. There is a wide range of price and style options, PLUS it’s the most durable product on the market. We suggest marble looking or large veining styled countertops for any kitchen design.

Tip ~ Find the perfect quartz countertop for your home HERE!

#4. Backsplash 

Say goodbye to white walls or outdated tile backsplashes, and say hello to a more modernized tile for your backsplash design. A backsplash gives your kitchen an enhanced appearance, while also protecting your walls from water damage or nasty grease stains. The Backsplash Rule: if your backsplash is 10 years or older ~ replace it! 

Tip ~ We highly recommend white subway tile.

#5. Wood Visual Flooring 

Wood visuals are all the rage in flooring design these days. That doesn’t mean you are only limited to installing hardwood floors in your home. There are plenty of vinyl, laminate, or tile options out there that resemble hardwood flooring. 

Tip ~ Increase the value even further in your home by replacing that old carpet with wood visual flooring.

Other Key Kitchen Design Items for Added Value:

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Updated Kitchen Appliances 

If you want your brand new remodeled kitchen to shine, make sure your appliances are more modern in appearance. Appliances really help pull off that desired design style. Stainless steel or integrated appliances are the most popular. 

Tip ~ Check out kitchen appliances HERE or HERE! 

Light Fixtures 

The best way to show off your new kitchen design is with light. Light fixtures have become way more chic over the years. So, why not turn your light pendants over the island and sink into a focal point!

Tip ~ Look for the perfect light fixture HERE! 

Fresh Interior Paint 

Nothing transforms a space quicker than a fresh coat of paint. Not only is paint the quickest way to transform a space, it is also the cheapest way to modernize any room. Make sure to choose light neutral colors for resale purposes like: grays, tans, off-whites, etc. This is especially true if you have dark kitchen cabinetry.

Tip ~ You’ll find the right paint color HERE!

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It can be extremely beneficial to remodel/update your kitchen. Especially, if you know you are going to sell later down the road. Kitchens are huge selling points for buyers. You can’t go wrong with adding all or only a few elements from the list above. Remember for a GREAT remodel you will want to contact an SLD designer!