Removing Pet Hair From Flooring

Sep 28, 2020 | Cleaning Tips, Flooring

Do you love your pets, but sometimes hate the maintenance of keeping your new floors fur free? Well you aren’t alone, there are plenty of new flooring fans who ponder how to keep their flooring pristine with pets in the house. New flooring is a great investment for your home, especially for resale value or just for your enjoyment, but your pets lifestyle shouldn’t have to change because you decided to upgrade a portion of your home. Let’s learn a few ways to keep your new flooring looking brand new and clean, while keeping your pets happy!

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In A Pitch: Swiffer Sweeper

The Swiffer Sweeper can be a lifesaver when unexpected company call to say “they will be over in 10 minutes”. It’s a quick way to pick up excess hair efficiently. Plus, the Swiffer Sweeper is a great tool to use when cleaning the floors in your bathroom and kitchen because it can get to all the nooks and crannies.

Daily: Shark Iron Robot Vacuum

Though, this is an extra expense upon purchasing new flooring, you will be SO grateful for making this financial sacrifice for your floors. This vacuum picks up flooring when you aren’t even home. Press the “clean” button when you leave for work and come home to fur free floors. The best part is you didn’t have to do the vacuuming yourself! PLUS, your furry friend might like the exercise from chasing the evil vacuum machine around while you are gone.

Weekly: Squeegee

Squeegee ~ are you sure you meant to say squeegee? Yes, once a week with your squeegee go over your carpet to pick up the extra fur that your vacuum didn’t catch. It can even work on your furniture and blankets. You can thank us later for the squeegee trick!

Monthly: Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner

Keep your carpet not just looking brand new, but also smelling like it’s brand new by setting aside a day a month to use Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaner. This helps eliminate dog odors from your home on a regular basis. That way you can love on your furry friends without wanting to plug your noise.

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After learning these tricks on how to keep your new flooring clean, while not changing your pets lifestyle, are you ready for new flooring throughout your whole home? Here at Straight Line Design we have the perfect carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, or tile flooring for any space. Remember it’s your home…and we want to make your (flooring) GREAT!