Designing a Functional Home Office!

Sep 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider

Designer Insider by: Stacy Bristol

Well, it’s September 2020, kids are back in school and things are getting back to normal. Well at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I don’t think things will ever be completely “normal” or what we perceive normal to be. Due to Covid restrictions, my husband’s annual work conference, that he usually travels out of town for, has now turned into a virtual conference. He will need to be on Zoom for the next three days which led me to spend some time tidying up in our home office.  After being in there a bit, my mind started to wonder about all the projects we’ve done in there, and how we need to continue to improve that space. You see until about, oh, March it was a bedroom. 

In mid-March, like so many of you, I became a working mom that was also homeschooling her child. I personally do not thrive on chaos but rather order. The first couple weeks, I tried to go with the flow, but when the email came that school would not re-open, I went full blown designer on my family. I believe my words were, “We cannot function like this anymore!” as I slapped down a plan I had drawn on the kitchen table.  That day, beds were moved to the basement, folding tables were set up, power strips were added, book shelves cleaned. Now, as I clean up to prepare for my husband’s conference, I think it’s time for things to become more permanent.  I know I am not alone on my mission. I am lucky; I have a dedicated room. What if you are not that lucky? How do you create a practical, efficient, professional workspace? 


dura Ispiri TransWhite 2 1

The most obvious place is a spare room with a door for privacy; it also allows for more furniture and ease of set up. The go to seems to be the kitchen table or breakfast bar. If you know you are going to remain working from home, a designer can help design the ultimate spot in your house. If the kitchen is large enough, a space could be carved out and converted. Stowable desks are a good solution for the living room. Closets are also a good solution if you need a little more storage space. If at all possible, I try to not put a work space in the main bedroom but leave that area as a relaxation zone.

Just Keep it Simple. 

duraMintGreenOffice CRE Const 01 1

I suggest making a list of everything you need to be successful for the day. Can a printer and router be stored elsewhere and accessed remotely? Do you need research material and files nearby? What items need to be permanent? How much space do you need? What kind of chair and support do you need? What is your ideal work environment? 


Another big factor is lighting. Personally, I can not do my job in the basement or confined space if there isn’t natural light. How about you? There have been many studies that show how incredibly important it is to have good overhead and desktop lighting for good productivity. So placing your office near a window is not a bad idea. A good natural view can also help create a pleasant environment or peace of mind to keep an eye on the kiddos or fur babies outside. 

Furniture and Desktops

Dura ND BlackHomeOffice 01 1

When it’s time to trade in that folding table let me know. Straight Line Design can help create your office space with functional cabinetry and desktops in a number of sizes, styles, and budgets. You’d be surprised what a designer can do with custom cabinetry to make the perfect work space for your home and budget. 

That’s all for now, I need to get back to my own space. Contact us at Straight Line Design ~ we can make your home (office) GREAT!!