Top 5 Stunning Countertop Styles

Aug 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge

Butcher block, cement, granite, laminate, marble, quartz, stainless steel, etc. are all stunning countertop options for your kitchen design or remodel. (Learn more about all the different types of countertops in this blog post by Design Assistant Nicole Evans) The countertops you decide on for your kitchen will either tie all the other design elements together, like your cabinetry, backsplash, hardware, flooring, etc, or they will make everything completely clash. That is why choosing your countertops may be the MOST important purchase for your kitchen design or remodel.

Statistically speaking, granite and quartz countertops dominate the interior design industry. (If you would like to learn more about this great debate read this blog post.) Even though there are numerous amazing countertop options, we are going to focus on the generalized top 5 popular quartz styles. Why quartz? Because quartz is king!

Truly Timeless 


No one will ever regret choosing a sophisticated “marble” looking countertop. Brittanicca by Cambria is exactly that style sporting an off white background with varying tones of gray veining ~ which radiates elegance! There is no design style or cabinetry color that won’t go with Brittanicca. That is why this countertop is precisely timeless.

Design note: Brittanicca looks amazing from head (backsplash) to toe (waterfall countertop) in kitchen designs.

A Stunning Statement

BRITTANICCA by Cambria 3

It’s hard to believe that making a statement would involve a neutral color palette with a black background and white and gray veining. The truth is most black countertops create a bold, moody focal point. Mersey by Cambria is the new, modern take on a “timeless” countertop choice. 

Design note: this countertop would look fabulous against white cabinetry with matte black hardware or any modern kitchen design.

Movement Matters

BRITTANICCA by Cambria 4

Everyone loves the scenery of nature, the sound and color of rushing water along with the mixed neutral tones of rocks sporadically placed in the river. Wouldn’t you love a countertop that resembles a river’s calming behavior? That is why Harlech by Cambria is the perfect countertop for those who are searching for movement and neutral color tones. Harlech has veining, swirls, and sparkly speckles of quartz.

Design note: Harlech countertops are the perfect options for rustic and all wood kitchen designs.

White as Snow

BRITTANICCA by Cambria 2

All white kitchens never go out of style. Crisp and clean white countertops are a favorite option in most kitchen designs. Whitney by Cambria adds a blingy element to all white countertops with specs of sparkly quartz. This countertop truly resembles a snowy Michigan day!

Design note: Whitney countertops go with any design style.

Nicely Neutral 

BRITTANICCA by Cambria 5

Cement countertops have become a popular choice lately, especially in modern kitchen designs. Bridgewater by Cambria is a great way to achieve that desired cement look without the maintenance of true cement countertops. We love the subtle movement/texture in Bridgewater. 

Design note: if you choose a matte finish it looks even more like cement.

We totally support other countertop options for many different reasons, but it’s hard to argue against choosing quartz countertops due to its durability and style options. Stop into one of our showrooms to check out these 5 stunning countertop options in person! One of our talented designers would be happy to help you find the perfect countertop for your kitchen design or remodel.

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