2020 Top 5 Design Trends

Aug 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Designer Insider

Designer Insider with Nicole Evans


Fully integrated hardware is the future, where oversized or too many pulls/knobs are a thing of the past. Integrated hardware provides a seamless, minimal look. No more getting your belt loop stuck on a handle or knocking your hand on a knob. The sleek design of integrated pulls can be offered in some of our cabinetry lines, like Dura Supreme (shown below). 

Dura 1


More natural colors are being seen on cabinetry colors and even appliance finishes. Shades of brown, red, yellow, and green tend to give a sense of warmth to the home. Even an all-white kitchen is being seen less, due to its “sterile” ambience. Bringing a fun color into your space can show off your personality! Sherwin Williams 2021 Colormix Color Forecast showed through four color pallets that the world of color is endless (shown below).

Sherwin 2


Subway tile has always and will always be a classic. However, it is seen as overused, and as trends go, geometric shaped tiles are in. This new tile trend can be done in mosaics or single lay down tile pieces. It can be ceramic or glass, and the color choices are endless, just like the texture and shapes they come in. 

Geo 3


Kitchens are the new hangout space, and where does  everyone congregate~the kitchen island! Where will everyone go to chat when the cook needs to get things done? Well, having a cantilevered eat-in area (shown below) that is connected to the island can help with smaller homes that do not have a designated dining space. Also, creating a raised bar, or larger traditional style island that is one slab can help with making a space for people to meet and hang out in the kitchen. 

Kitchen 4


Granite countertops are out, and man-made countertops are in. Man-made countertops consist of Quartz or “Faux Marble” such as porcelain. Real marble is quite beautiful, but very hard to take care of, especially in a kitchen. When it comes to granite, there are not many color choices that can compete with quartz. Although granite is durable, and it can be used outside* versus quartz, we are seeing more trends of marble or concrete looks that quartz or porcelain can provide. Quartz is also being produced in larger sized slabs that can give a seamless look on large islands. *Porcelain can also be used outdoors.

Countertop 5