The Key to Mixing Metal

Jul 29, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Designer Insider

Designer Insider with Sherrie Sin

I get asked ALL the time, “But does that match?!” or “Don’t I have to stick to just one finish?” Ab-so-lutely NOT! It used to be a major no-no to mix finishes or metals, but I genuinely LOVE it. For me personally, I am not a designer who expects rooms to be matchy-matchy, although it DOES have to coordinate, and if done right, it can truly add that dimension and flair that anyone can desire. I completely understand that mixing metals isn’t for everyone, but here are a few of my tips for making it look just right, if that’s the look you’re after. 

Complement each other 

  • Our number one goal is to complement each other. Our focus in design is to create functional and harmonious spaces, so as we trend towards mixing metals, making sure that the finishes don’t compete is ideal. In the photos attached, we mixed black with a brushed bronze. Black is a neutral, so adding the warm brushed bronze as an accent added that enhancement that we were after. 

Untitled design 1 copy 4

Start with one dominant metal

  • Starting with a dominant metal will help you add in the other finishes. Mixing cool tones with warm tones will help create an eclectic, yet balanced space. By starting with our black finish, we were able to add accents to highlight the details, for example, the hardware on the vanity, the mirrors, and the feet detail on the vanity. 

Untitled design 1

Texture is crucial 

  • Don’t be afraid of texture. When you mix metals don’t be apprehensive of anything shiny, hammered, matte, or polished. We used a matte black finish along with a more brushed bronze around the mirror. Adding texture in other ways throughout the space can add that overall desired look. We added texture through the wallpaper, wood accents, towels, and plants. 

Untitled design 1 copy 2

Be subtle

  • When thinking of mixing metals, less is always more. We don’t want to look at our space and not know which way to look first. Creating elegance and unity is the overall goal when we are creating our space. I would never mix more than three metals in one space. Using a dominant color overall with a mixture of other metals as accent is the key to staying subtle. 

Untitled design 1 copy 3

I tend to let my clients essentially lead the way, with guidance of course! In the end, it’s ultimately their space and home, and I love when things come together to truly reflect their own individual tastes and personality. This bathroom is a pure depiction of that and I was so lucky to be able to partner on this with the homeowners, and Sarah Moneybrake Interior Design.