Ways To Organize Your Pantry

Jun 26, 2020 | Cleaning Tips, Design Knowledge, Kitchen Knowledge

“Nobody ever said ‘I regret organizing my house’” -Alejandra 

Our guess is nobody would ever regret taking the time to organize their pantry. No matter if you have the tiniest or the largest pantry in the world, if it’s organized then you can find a spot for all your cooking or baking needs. We hope after reading this blog post your pantry becomes “show off” ready!

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Have you ever opened your pantry (absolutely starving) and then immediately shut it because you couldn’t find what you were looking for through all the mess (causing an instant headache)? Yeah, that is exactly what we want to help you avoid. Besides, your pantry shouldn’t be a space you avoid (like that person in the grocery store that if you say a simple “hi” you can simply say “bye” to 45 minutes of your life). Let’s learn how to create the perfect organized pantry ~ no matter the size!

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Items Needed To Organize:

  • Labels/Painting Pen
  • Clear Canisters
  • Baskets
  • Storage Containers
  • Door Rack (Optional)

***Side note: purchase all different sizes of baskets, canisters, and containers to make sure you have a holder to fit any food item.

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Our cabinetry vendors have great pantry storage solutions that will help with organizing your pantry. Check out two of our vendors here: 

Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Woodland Cabinetry

Everyone loves a neat and tidy space especially in the kitchen. A pantry that has a spot for everything helps you achieve your perfect kitchen ~ PLUS it makes cooking and baking so much easier! Remember the kitchen is the heart of your home, which means you need to take care (organize) every aspect of it!