Laundry Room Remodel Checklist

Apr 28, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

The laundry room is the most overlooked space in your home. How rude, when the laundry room does all the dirty work. Maybe, that is exactly why laundry rooms don’t get the design appreciation they deserve. After all, you know the saying “Laundry ~ ain’t nobody got time for that”. Well that saying is exactly why laundry room designs need more attention. Let’s learn more…

When remodeling your laundry room you’ll want to reference these four main points in this checklist. 

Laundry Room Remodel Checklist


Checklist breakdown ~ what to write in the boxes for your laundry room remodel. The four square boxes with the main points are for brainstorming. The last rectangle box is for the conclusion from all the brainstorming above.

Functionality is key!

  • Think about how your laundry room’s layout can improve in functionality. 
  • Think about how YOU personally want your laundry room to function.
  • Examples: 
    • More countertop space for folding towels/clothes
    • Designated space for laundry baskets/bins
    • Plenty of space for a rod to air dry clothes
    • Sink to soak clothes or for cleaning purposes
    • Lockers for each member in our family
    • Etc.
  • ***Designer Note*** Organizing your laundry room can be made easier with cabinetry inserts. Ask a designer for more details.

Your budget matters.

  • Know how much you want to spend and stick to it.
  • Take into consideration how much appliances can cost. (if purchasing new appliances)
  • Take into consideration unforeseen complications during the construction phase.
  • Think about alternatives to pricey must-have products. 
    • Examples:
      • Tile wall too expensive? Consider Wallpaper.
      • Quartz countertops not in the budget? Consider Laminate designs that look similar.
      • Etc.

Untitled design 1 1

What’s your style?

  • Research the design elements that fit into your desired design style/theme.
  • Examples:
    • Farmhouse ~ barn door, white cabinetry, wood floating shelves, shiplap walls, wood looking countertops, wood visual floors
    • Traditional ~ detailed cabinetry doors, marble looking flooring, tile, and countertops, decorative hardware
    • Rustic ~ knotted wood cabinetry, brick tile flooring and walls, dark colored countertops, exposed plumbing details
    • Modern ~ slab cabinetry doors, waterfall countertop, penny round tile walls, floating shelves, metal details, cement tile flooring
    • Etc.

What’s important to you?

  • In order of importance, list your must-have items for your laundry room remodel.
  • Example:
    • #1 Layout
    • #2 Floating shelves
    • #3 Appliances
    • #4 Tiled Wall
    • #5 And so on…
  • That way, based on your budget, you can figure out what you can have and what you may have to sacrifice or find an alternative.

End Result is finally in!

  • Condense your above lists in this section with all your favorite/realistic items (due to budget) to see what your laundry room remodel will look like on paper!
  • ***Please Note*** Sometimes this step cannot be accomplished without the help/knowledge of a designer.

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Functionality, budget, style, important items are what you want to focus on when remodeling or designing a laundry room. We highly encourage you to talk to a designer before starting on your laundry room remodel. If you aren’t quite ready for that step, create an ideabook on or an inspiration board on Pinterest. Remember it’s your laundry room and SLD wants to make it GREAT!