Introducing A New Cabinetry Line

Mar 30, 2020 | Design Knowledge

“Oh, when the cabinetry go Marshing in

Oh, when the cabinetry go Marshing in

I want it in my kitchen or bathroom

Oh, when the cabinetry go Marshing in”


Meet Marsh Cabinetry, our newest cabinetry line, that will make your remodel dreams come true! Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc. Marsh Cabinetry has you covered. Now, let’s learn more about the newest addition to SLD! 

This North Carolina cabinetry manufacturer is all about southern hospitality. Marsh is all for creating lifelong relationships, reliable products, and a family atmosphere. They offer numerous styles, finishes, and wood types. There is nothing you won’t like about Marsh.

Here are some reasons why you are going to fall in love with Marsh Cabinetry for your home!

  • Family Owned Business 
  • Started in 1906 (over 100 years of business experience)
  • Started out as a furniture company that evolved into a cabinetry company 
  • First piece of furniture was the charming and quaint Pie Safe

The Charming Pie Safe

Here are some key points why you should say “yes” to Marsh Cabinetry in your home!

  • Always looking for new, innovative ways to manufacture cabinetry effectively and efficiently.
  • Mid level cabinetry price point, but a high quality product
  • A multitude of different construction options for any style
  • Consistent 3 week delivery schedule

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As you can see, there is nothing about Marsh Cabinetry that would ruffle anyone’s feathers. Marsh Cabinetry is clearly a quality company and their cabinetry would be a great addition to any remodeled kitchen or bathroom. Stop into our Showrooms to check out our Marsh display soon!