2020 Home Decor Fabs

Mar 30, 2020 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge

Want your home to be absolutely fabulous this year? Yeah me too! Well, you are in luck because this blog post is here to help you keep up with decor fabs. Please keep in mind you don’t have to use them all to make your home fabulous in 2020. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s trending in the kitchen decor world…

Accessorize your kitchen! 

What exactly does this mean? Whether your style is rustic, antique, modern, etc. display your kitchen tools, like your wood cutting boards/breadboards, cooking utensils, bowls, coffee mugs, canisters, and anything else. One way to keep your kitchen accessories on display is to incorporate floating shelves in your kitchen. That way you can show off all your spectacular glasses, plates, bowls, etc. We have tons of floating shelves to choose from with our amazing cabinetry lines.

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Add Color to your kitchen!

Though all white kitchens are the queen of class, adding a smidge of color makes your kitchen uniquely yours. The best way to add your favorite color, without making it permanent, is with bar stools, light fixtures, coffee mugs, rugs, etc. Embrace your love of __________ (insert your favorite color there) in your kitchen this year!

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What’s on your kitchen walls?

Wall art is a must in your kitchen in 2020. So far, antique looking wall art is the most popular, especially paintings that consist of landscapes, oil portraits, and dark moody still lifes. Though if antique paintings aren’t your thing, no worries, go with wall art that fits your kitchen or personal style.

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Here are some recommended places to purchase accessories for your kitchen.



World Market 

Shops in downtown Grand Haven, Holland, and Muskegon

Hopefully, now you are able to envision how you want to update your kitchen this year. Sometimes even just one small change to any space can make a huge impact! So maybe try one 2020 fab, and then go from there. Remember we can make your home great and help make your floating shelf dreams come true! 🙂