Part 2. ~ Master Bathroom “Before & After”

Feb 26, 2020 | Designer Insider, Transformation Designs

Designer Insider by Paige Moreau

After the kitchen remodel was a success, we started to tackle the much needed bathroom remodel. The client’s father had a difficult time navigating through the smaller doorways that lead to the bathroom. The existing layout consisted of multiple tight 90 degree angles that had to be maneuvered in order to get into the bathroom. Although the hallway leading to the bathroom had ample amounts of storage as it was lined with closets, it was not practical for someone in a wheelchair or a walker.

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We first started the bathroom remodel with the thought in mind of keeping the existing shower as it had been re done in the recent years. We were looking at giving the space more of a face lift, making it ADA accessible, and appealing to the client.

After we worked up an idea with keeping the shower, we decided working around the existing shower would not produce the best end results for the client. We went to the drawing board and came up with an open concept design to allow easy movement throughout the space.

Below is the first design. This design allowed more open space for a walker in the future  and included updated finishes with a wet room concept.

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We moved forward with this design until we got to the framing stage and came to the conclusion a larger shower was needed and the additional closet space was not needed. The builder and I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design.

Screen Shot 2020 02 26 at 12.14.10 AM

This was a great direction although it was still not the perfect design. We had concerns about privacy with the toilet space being close to the entry, along with having to relocate the toilet to the opposite end of the bathroom of which it currently was located. We were trying to move as little plumbing as possible in order to keep the cost of the bathroom down. This is always a great approach when redesigning a space as moving plumbing along with electrical can add to the cost quickly (if you can work around the existing toilet space do it.)

We decided to re-arrange the bathroom one more time. This time we looked at the space differently and pondered relocating the shower. 

The final design offered the client added storage, a larger walk in shower, a large soaking tub, and a spa-like atmosphere. It was important to the client that when you entered the master bedroom the focus was a piece of artwork she would hang on the wall. This was a key piece we kept in mind through re-designing the space as each design always offered a wall when you entered for artwork to hang. 

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The finishes in the bathroom were kept neutral with bases of white and accents of color from the client’s extensive collection of artwork along with key pieces from her parents. The knobs on the bathroom cabinetry used to reside in the kitchen and have now found a home in the remodeled bathroom; An oriental rug adds just enough pop of color to the space. 

The end result is a highly functional, up-dated bathroom design that is ready for the present and the future!