Creating An Ideabook

Feb 25, 2020 | Design Knowledge

Want to remodel your…kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, etc.? The kitchen is too cramped. The master bathroom is out-dated. The laundry room ~ what laundry room? The basement needs lots of work. Ideas are flowing all over your mind, but you need a place to store them, visualize them, and prioritize them? We know what can help…

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Obviously, meeting with a talented designer will help answer any questions you may have about your remodel. If that isn’t the next step at the moment, try creating an ideabook on Houzz is an incredible resource for anyone thinking of remodeling or building new. A Houzz ideabook is a great way to bring your design ideas to life! The best part about a Houzz ideabook is sharing it with your designer. That way your designer knows exactly what style, products, layout, etc. you’re interested in for your remodel. Houzz offers design inspiration, so create a Houzz account today and start your ideabook now!


There is another fun way to visualize your remodels. One that may appeal to those who enjoy creative memory type activities. Ideabooks don’t have to be all on-line. Grab a photo album or poster board, glue stick, hgtv (any other design) magazines, print off pictures from Pinterest/google, fabric samples, wood species samples, etc. and start creating your remodel design palettes or books. On-line ideabooks are fun, but so is being hands-on!

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Hopefully, this blog post helped you visualize your future space. Also, we hope this blog post sparked some creativity, and you had some fun creating and visualizing. We would love for you to comment below with pictures of your ideabook. Happy remodeling!