Larder Cabinet…Yes, You Heard That Right!

Dec 21, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider

Blog Post by Designer Stacy Bristol

I recently took a trip to Minneapolis, MN to the Dura Supreme Cabinet Headquarters and factory.  One of the most impressive new introductions was the Larder Cabinets. What’s that you say? If you’re like me, I had never heard that term before, Larder Cabinet?? So, here’s a little history lesson….


PANTRY AND LARDER. The words pantry and larder are used interchangeably to designate a place where food is stored. Historically, the two were once separate areas with very narrowly defined functions. 

The  word “larder” was  a cool room or cellar for storing meats, especially meats put down in large barrels or crocks of lard—hence the name. 

The word “pantry” was a room where bread was made and often stored. 

So, now that you know what the heck I’m talking about, I’ll share some cool features that you can experience by having a Larder cabinet in your home. That’s right, I didn’t say kitchen. These cabinets are multifunctional. 

Screen Shot 2019 12 21 at 10.58.56 AMA.) Larder a storage center for dishes, hat and mittens, art supplies, or whatever you need. This cabinet comes in multiple heights with adjustable shelves and a small set of apothecary drawers. The interior can either match the exterior or be a contrasting wood tone. 

LARDER CABINET 1B.) Larder is a beverage center. Glass and bottle storage, the doors shown, telescope inward so the entire countertop space is clear. The beverage storage shelf will also pull out, for your convenience. The interior is done in a contrasting wood tone to make it feel more special.

C.) Larder is a baking center. This is a beautiful cabinet with areas for all your baking supplies, spice drawers, and a slide out surface for that heavy stand mixer. Man, am I envious! To not have to move my mixer all the time would be great. It’s so pretty, I don’t know if I would actually close the bi-folding door.

Dura Bake Center DS Gallop 0518 1The above photo of the two Larders that flank the range was taken at the Dura factory facility. To me this kitchen is a work of art- a dream kitchen. As you can see all of these cabinets sit on the countertop and have three different ways the doors function, depending on your application. If you don’t need a bar or beverage center but have a special need, Larder cabinets can be customized as well. Form and function all in one. Your guests will never know what hides behind closed doors.