A Glimpse Into 2020

Dec 21, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends

Wouldn’t it be nice to step into a time travel machine and turn the dial to 2020? That way you could walk through newly remodeled or brand new homes to check out the kitchen and bathroom designs. Then you would know for certain that your kitchen or bathroom remodel would rock the socks off of 2020 styles. We may not have a time travel machine, but we do have this blog to give you a glimpse of what’s trending in the interior design world this coming year.

Though we know some design elements will never go out of style like white cabinetry or hardwood flooring, it is fun to guess what the next timeless options will be starting in 2020. So…let’s take a peek into the future…shall we?!

2020 Kitchen Trends

  • Wood cabinetry is back and it’s about dang time! Walnut is the popular wood species on the rise. It is the perfect wood for modern or contemporary designs, and it pairs nicely as an accent with white cabinetry (If you aren’t daring enough to go all wood in your kitchen).

Kitchen 19 0

  • Retro is in when talking about kitchen appliances. Color is all the range in 2020. Appliances added a modern twist to the 1950’s. Check out KitchenAid and other popular brands color options. You might just have to say yes to that cobalt blue, red, yellow, etc range!

 Mercury Refridgerator 1

  • What is every kitchen’s superhero? That’s right…storage! Where do you store the most stuff? That’s right…your pantry! So, Super Pantries are a must when remodeling your kitchen in 2020. Create a pantry big enough for a dance party. A super pantry will house your microwave, another oven, extra counter space, shelves, specialized cabinetry, fridge or wine cooler, and whatever else your heart desires.

Untitled design copy 3

  • If you had the option of one or two ~ always go with two right?!?! Yeah, that’s why having two, yes TWO, kitchen islands should be on your remodel wishlist. Here is why… one island is for prep work and storage, whereas the second island is for gathering and entertaining. I mean why haven’t we thought of this sooner?

Untitled design copy 4

2020 Bathroom Trends

  • Everyone dreams of a bathroom with a tiled walk-in shower and a soaking tub. That is exactly why having both in your bathroom remodel is 100% mandatory in 2020. Bathtubs are becoming so popular that top brands like Kohler are designing unique shapes and color tubs to add a dimensional detail. Another fun detail trend is bathtubs made in different material like: marble, quartz, etc.

Untitled design copy 5

  • Shower ledges vs niches! Smaller is only better when it comes wrapped in a (Tiffany) blue box. Otherwise, bigger is always better! That is why shower ledges have become more popular over niches. Ledges are larger, so they offer more storage and a place to sit. Make sure to add a tile or quartz shower ledge to your bathroom remodel this year.

Untitled design

  • Smart bathrooms are a very real possibility and how appropriate for it being a 2020 trend! Showers with digital controls and LED lighting is the only way to go. 

Thats right... this controls the whole shower

Both Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

  • Get organized in 2020 with all the storage solutions offered with cabinetry. Most cabinetry companies offer both kitchen and bathroom organizing inserts or pull out drawers to make your daily meals and early mornings easier. 

Untitled design 1

  • White on white on white is SO last century! With all the whimsical and textured tile options out there say yes to mosaics. Create a masterpiece with your backsplash and tile showers using all sorts of stunning, colorful tile options.

Tile Options from Virginia Tile

  • Be dramatic! Not in your relationships but be dramatic with your hardware. Don’t be afraid to use extraordinary light fixtures over your bathtub or kitchen island(s). Also, make a statement with your hardware with gold, matte black, marble and wood accents, or gems. You do you, add a POP of detailing with your hardware!

IMG 4643copy

After stepping into the future, were you able to visually design your future kitchen or bathroom remodel? Dancing to your favorite music in a walnut cabinetry kitchen with two islands, bright cobalt blue appliances, and a walk-in pantry that has a dance floor? Yeah…me too! Or… What about taking a bubble bath in a marble freestanding tub and then stepping into a walk-in mosaic tile shower with digital controls? Yeah…now I am ready to sell my kidney for a bathroom remodeled like that. 😉 Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to expect of the kitchen and bathroom world this coming year.