Entertaining Fun for Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2019 | Holiday Fun

Finally, it’s THANKSGIVING! Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around eating. NOT just eating, but literally shoveling your mouth for hours with turkey, potatoes, bread and so much more. I mean how GREAT is that?! Some might say…only in America, and I would say…God Bless America because this holiday totally rocks!! Now to be honest, there is more to Thanksgiving than food. It’s a wonderful time catching up with family and friends, relaxing while watching some football, and creating family traditions. Speaking of traditions…does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions? If no or yes, no worries, we have you covered with three entertaining fun activities to try this year!

Pie Bar – Apple, Banana Cream, French Silk, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, etc.!

pumpkin pie bourbon crumble traveling fork

There is never enough pie to go around…even after stuffing your face with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and casserole after casserole there is ALWAYS room for pie. So, have a pie contest this Thanksgiving. No, not the kind that you shove in someone’s face, the kind you bake and have others taste test to rate your masterpiece. On a buffet table, have a pie bar to display all the different kinds of pies. Make sure to label each pie and leave paper with stars on it (so individuals can rate each pie by coloring in how many stars) then allow yourself to drift off into pie heaven with each bite. The baker who baked the BEST pie due to the most stars awarded gets a prize and obviously bragging rights till next year! Oh P.S. baking, bringing, and tasting (every) pie is mandatory this year!


Lions vs. Cowboys

What’s Thanksgiving without watching the Lions or Cowboys with a food coma? Make the football game an actual activity in hopes everyone will join around the tv together. As your guests are arriving have them write down their score predictions for both games on a decorated chalkboard or dry erase board. The individual with the closest score gets a gift and the one with the most inaccurate score has to eat their least favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner ~ without ANY complaining!

Gratitude Game – take turns going around the Thanksgiving table answering these six questions.


Everyone is grateful for something! So why not express it with those you love?!

Turning Thanksgiving traditions into entertaining family games will only make the day more memorable! I hope your day is filled with family, friends, football, laughter, love, turkey, potatoes, and AMAZING PIE! Happy Thanksgiving!