Cozy Color Combinations

Nov 22, 2019 | Design Knowledge

Living in Michigan where the chance of snow in August is a terrifying possibility, one is always searching for warmth. An easy way to add warmth in your life is with paint colors. So be intentional about the paint you choose for the interior of your home. Here are some of our favorite cozy colors to think about for your home!


~ Create Your Own Sunshine! ~

Decisive Yellow SW 6902

Nothing brings warmth to your home like the color of the sun ~ Yellow! Yellow is our number one choice to add artificial warmth on those cold Michigan Fall, Winter, Spring, and (even) Summer days. When you choose any shade of yellow paint your choosing a cheerful, bright, and inviting color to surround you and your family.


~ Live. Love. Tan! ~

Decisive Yellow SW 6902 copy

For those who love monochromatic spaces, tan is the right color option for you. It gives you the freedom to use an abundance of other colors in one room. Not to mention, tan tones bring the outdoors inside. The coziness of tan is undeniable. Think about all the things that are tan: wood, coffee, tree bark, bushes, etc. Tan not only looks good on you, but it will look good in your home as well!


~ Do Something Green Today! ~

Decisive Yellow SW 6902 copy 2

The words serenity and prosperity scream from any shade of green. Oh, just think about the relaxing vibes that would come from your home when painted green. There may not be another color with more warmth than the great color of green. What better place to relax and unwind then swinging in a hammock in the woods or lying on a blanket in a field of grass. Imagine if the rooms in your home feel like those sceneries. So seriously ~ choose green already!


It’s amazing the power colors can have over our moods. That is why it’s important to choose the right paint for your home. Do some research for yourself to find the right cozy color combos for your family and home. So which color will it be…yellow…tan…green…or a different warm tone all together?!