Have you heard of Bona?

Oct 24, 2019 | Cleaning Tips

Do you love your new flooring? Do you want to take care of your flooring with the best products out there? Do you wish you knew how to clean your brand new flooring properly? Then this blog is perfect for you!

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When you purchase brand new flooring, you want to ensure that you use the right products to keep them looking their best. Regular cleaning and maintenance to your floors will help them continue to look brand new for years to come. Yes, even flooring like Laminate or Luxury Vinyl, which are extremely low maintenance, still need the proper scrub down. Let’s learn more…

Our Straight Line Design Crew highly encourages our clients to check out Bona Cleaning Solutions. Bona is a cleaning brand that specializes in making your floors squeaky clean and in products that are safe for your family, pets, and plants. They also offer cleaning solutions for cabinetry and wood furniture. Bona is so focused on keeping your home clean that they have specific cleaning solutions to help you dust, polish, and sanitize ALL types of floors.

1280 686Z715j4U41Here are some of our top Bona product recommendations for your home!

  • Bona Mop
  • Microfiber Deep clean pads
  • Dusting pad
  • Microfiber pad pack
  • Disposable dusting or cleaning pads

Note: A 1 part vinegar 1 part water solution works great vs spending money on pricey cleaners

Learn more about Bona and start your Bona Cleaning Solution collection today at: https://us.bona.com/home.html