Just Lighten Up!

Sep 24, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge

Make your kitchen or bathroom remodel come to light (life)! How do you make this happen? It’s as easy as adding grand, eye-catching light fixtures to your new space.

Untitled design

Light fixtures have become a HUGE part of the design process. Why, because light fixtures come in so many different shapes, sizes, styles, and of course all the new finishes that have graced the design world as of late. Matte black and luxe gold seem to be fan favorites right now. Especially, when your new design is sporting the same hardware, plumbing, and appliance finishes. Like most things, bigger is better! So, we encourage you to search for unique, stylish, light fixtures to capture some serious attention for your design.

Trending light fixtures include:

  • Industrial Pendants (A rustic & modern twist)
  • White & Gold Pendants (Add glitz & glam)
  • Large Black Pendants (Black is sexy)
  • Rose Gold Pendants (Be bold and feminine)
  • Smaller Matching Over the Sink Pendants (the sink matters too)
  • Pendants with cut-outs in the shades (Boho chic)
  • Large Glass Orb Pendants (Simple & Sleek)
  • Mix & Match Pendants (like more than one, use more than one)
  • Crystal Chandeliers (You fancy…huh?)
  • Box Pendants (think outside the box…wait)
  • Color Pendants (Use bright colors like: yellow, blue, red, etc.)
  • Lantern Pendants (Bring the outside inside)

O Day

Other lighting trends include:

  • Over the Sink or Flush Mounts (that match island pendants)
  • Sconces in the bathroom (So many styles to choose)
  • LED lighting EVERYWHERE! (cabinetry and appliance lighting)

IMG 2227copySide note: A great way to modernize your kitchen, without forking out loads of mulah, is by updating the light fixtures.

Just lighten up, step outside your comfort zone, and go brilliantly bold with your light fixtures. Light fixtures truly have the most important job in the design process… illuminating your new remodeled space! We promise you, the light fixtures are the last piece to your design puzzle! So, how will you brighten up your kitchen?