Quartz vs Granite

Jul 30, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Kitchen Knowledge

What countertops do you want in your kitchen remodel or new build? Are you certain you know the right fit for your design? If you don’t know the real difference between quartz and granite your answer is most likely no! There is no shame in that realization, you are among the majority of individuals designing a kitchen. This is why “Quartz vs Granite” is one of the greatest debates in home design! 

First off, let’s educate you on each product and the main distinctions…

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Quartz Info:

  • Man-made Engineered Stone
  • 90% Ground Quartz (natural hard mineral) 
  • 10% Resins, Polymers, & Pigments (creates the hard “granite-like” surface)
  • Flecked Appearance (coarsely ground quartz)
  • Smooth Appearance (finely ground quartz)
  • Non-Porous & Durable
  • Brands 100% made in the USA (Cambria)
  • A few brands are GreenGuard Certified
  • Price Range: $60 – $100 psf

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Quartz Pro’s: Hard & Durable | Non-Porous | Stain & Crack Resistant | No Sealing or Resealing needed | Glossy or Matte sheen | Variety of Colors, Movements, & Designs | Easy to Clean (water, soap, vinegar solution)

Quartz Con’s: Higher Price Points | Not Heat Resistant

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Granite Info:

  • 100% Natural Stone (organic product)
  • Granite is mined from quarries all over the world
  • Granite is porous (needs to be sealed & resealed)
  • Heat & Scratch Resistant 
  • Exotic/Unique Appearances
  • Variety of Solid Patterns & Bright/Bold Colors 
  • Price Range: $45 – $200 psf

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Granite Pro’s: 100% Natural Stone | Unique Style Options | Each Slab is 100% an Original | Heat & Scratch Resistant

Granite Con’s: Higher Price Points | Porous & needs to be resealed 1 or 2 times a year (Prevents Stains & Bacterial growth) | Granite can be cracked or chipped | Limited colors or patterns (because of Mother Nature)

Both Quartz & Granite can be used in your home as: Countertops | Backsplash | Showers | Tubs | Fireplaces | Tables | Sinks | Etc.

The truth about the “Quartz vs Granite” debate is simple. The answer relies on individual preference. Quartz and Granite each offer something special to your design that the other cannot. Either way, Quartz or Granite will add value and beauty to any home.

***Comment below with your preference or why you chose Quartz or Granite in your design.***