Popular Kitchen Color Combos

Jun 24, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Design Trends, Kitchen Knowledge

The kitchen is truly the heart of every home, so designing your dream kitchen should be an extremely joyful and straightforward experience. Size is not as important as the memories that will be made in that space. Your kitchen should resemble your families’ personality and values.

Untitled design 1

What helps make a kitchen design joyful and straightforward is to do your homework first!  

Here is your “homework” before meeting with a designer:

  • What you like & dislike – this is a broad statement with lots of variables, but the underlying meaning is…what cabinetry, countertops, hardware & plumbing finish, backsplash, appliances, light fixtures, color combos, layouts, etc. do you absolutely LOVE and HATE?! Make sure to express this “love & hate” list to your designer.
  • Budget & know your max – you should know exactly what your budget is and how much (if any) extra you are willing to spend. This is extremely important info to relay to your designer. That way they can adequately show you products in your price point. The most difficult and devastating things that can happen when designing is falling in love with a product that is WAY out of your budget. This can be prevented if you discuss your budget first thing.
  • What is MOST Important – Decide, what is the most important feature to you in your kitchen design. This varies from individual to individual. It could be centered around the layout, island, range hood, cabinetry door style or color, certain types of countertops, backsplash tile, etc. Whatever your “must have” feature is for your DREAM kitchen, tell your designer. That way they can make your dream come true! Heads up, you may have to sacrifice elsewhere though…
  • Function, function, function – Think about the function of your layout, consider what you currently dislike about your kitchen or other kitchens you’ve been in. Express those concerns to your designer. They will have advice on how to fix it or explain why it was designed that way.
  • Possible hiccups – This is not here to scare you, but rather to inform you that no job is perfect. There may be unforeseen issues in the walls or subflooring, back ordering of products, personal absences of installer, etc. In other words, things that you or your designer have no control over. So, don’t dwell on the now, look forward to the future. The future is a happy place with a gorgeous, functional, new kitchen design!

To get you started and inspired, here are a few popular kitchen color combos presented in mood boards.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome

IMG 2907copy

This kitchen is absolutely stunning! (I mean… a real head turner) It has all the details for a luxury home with tall, dark stained cherry cabinetry, pure white quartz countertops, marble mosaic backsplash, two-tone gray island, stainless steel appliances, neutral colored luxury vinyl flooring, modern styled hardware, and large statement light fixtures. This sophisticated design just SCREAMS elegance! It makes me want to make a martini shaken not stirred.

IMG 2182copy

Snow White & Raw Wood

IMG 2911copy










Everyone dreams of that fairytale white kitchen design for their home. BUT how do you create a white kitchen that stands out from all the other white kitchen designs… wood accents! This western, contemporary kitchen is obsession worthy. The solid white and hickory slab cabinet doors creates perfect harmony with the modern styled gold hardware. Choosing a square pure, white subway tile backsplash and natural colored hardwood flooring ensures this kitchen is a timeless design. PLUS, we love how the hickory range hood and floating shelves tie in the hickory island cabinetry and the beautiful, gold pendant light fixtures make the knobs and pulls standout. Overall, moving into this kitchen would be a dream come true!

IMG 1742copy

Don’t wait any longer, start designing your fairytale kitchen today! We would love to help make your dream home come true! Never forget, It’s Your Home…Make It GREAT!