Design Studio vs. DIY

Jun 23, 2019 | Design Knowledge, Designer Insider

Blog Post Written by Designer’s Assistant Nicole Evans

There are many ideas and options out there, and with hiring a Designer, you can be ensured that your design is best matched for its function. A Designer will save you time and potential pressures from creating the perfect design. They know how to express your demands in a visual way, and you’ll end up with a design that not only looks good but serves its purpose better.


Whenever a ‘Designer’ is mentioned, you will often hear people say, “Oh I wish I could afford to have one”. When you design it yourself (DIY), you usually set a budget; however, you will keep adding and altering your space, making your budget grow. A Designer will use their skills to source the best items available working within your set budget. You’re not only paying a Designer to design the space and source the items, but you pay for an entire scheme from concept to completion. 


By using a Designer, you are not only gaining access to their expertise but also to all their contacts. Designers have connections with many builders and other companies, some who only supply to trade, to help your project be unique and installed the right way. Deadlines are so important; it ensures that things get done at a timely pace. When we DIY, we see no real time constraints to get things done. Our Designers can set deadlines and can guarantee you a finished job.

Bath 1   Bath 2








 Designers are not only designers, but they can also be project managers. They use their knowledge within the industry to source all the materials you will need for your project. They will do all the chasing for you to ensure that everything arrives on time and stays within budget. Designers will be there to see the project through to completion.


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