Spring Time Decor Ideas

May 16, 2019 | Design Trends

Are you ready for it to look and feel like Spring outside? Well, as we know in Michigan, it’s hard to get excited for Spring because there is always that 50/50 chance it’s going to snow again. We can’t promise you it won’t snow again, but we can help you make your home look and feel like Spring! Here is how…

What says spring more than flowers?! The answer is simple ~ nothing! Flowers have the superpower of brightening up every space in your home, even just adding greenery will do the trick. Not only are flowers appealing to the eye, but they also smell amazing too! That alone will create a spring (or positive) atmosphere, even if mother nature decides to have a mood swing and snow again.

Inside Spring Decor Ideas:

  • Flowers on your kitchen windowsill

IMG 7379

  • Add flowers or greenery on top of cabinetry
  • Create Spring centerpieces with flowers and greenery on tables throughout your house

IMG 7378

  • Painted mason jars with bright flowers on your shelves or side tables

IMG 7376

  • Use lemons to help decorate

IMG 7380  IMG 7382 1  IMG 7383

  • Spring scented candles (berry, beach, camping, citrus, etc. type scents)
  • Chalkboard signs with Spring sayings
  • Spring or bright color pillows and blankets on couches and chair

IMG 7387

Outside Spring Decor Ideas:

  • Spring flower door wreaths

IMG 7389

  • Giant front porch “welcome” sign

IMG 7385

  • Rain boots as flower pots

IMG 7392

  • “Hello Spring” floor mat
  • Rocking chair with colorful cushions and outdoor pillows
  • Flower boxes on windows

IMG 7391  IMG 7390

Now, even if it’s not warm outside, at least your home gives off that spring vibe. It’s not always easy living with Michigan’s bipolar weather, so sometimes you have to create the atmosphere your yearning for. Some say it’s the power of positive thinking, I say it’s the power of decorating!

Happy Spring Decorating, Everyone!