What Cabinetry Door is Right for You?

Apr 18, 2019 | Design Knowledge

Are you ready to rumble, oh I mean “remodel” your kitchen or bathroom ~ BUT the only thing stopping you is your lack of cabinetry knowledge? Don’t worry, you are not alone! After reading this blog post, the goal is for you to feel confident talking to a designer about cabinetry door styles. Knowing that you can express what you are looking for in your future design.

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Knowledge is power, so let’s dive right in! There are four different types of cabinetry doors. Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Slab, and Accents are the four classifications.

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Flat Panel Doors ~ also known as a shaker door is the most popular door style. The center of the door panel is flat.

Raised Panel Doors ~ are not out of date, they should be known as classics. Raised Panel Doors centers are raised, which creates more detail.

Slab Doors ~ may be simple, but definitely not insignificant. A slab door is a solid panel with no framing or detailing.

Accent Doors ~ make a very pronounced statement in any design. So much so, that they should not be used as the only door style in your design. They are best mixed in with a flat or raised door style. Accent door styles mean glass, mullion, mirrors, etc inserts.

Now, which cabinetry door fits best with your desired style. Below are five popular design styles. The question now becomes… which cabinetry door fits best with each admired look.

#1 Farmhouse

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You don’t have to live on a farm and own a tractor to desire this style for your kitchen remodel. The best cabinetry door style to create this sought-after look would be the popular flat panel door.  

#2 Modern

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Minimalistic is modern designs in a nutshell. Modern kitchen or bathrooms would be your preference if you like exotic woods, technology, and sleek lines.  Slab doors were made for modern spaces.

#3 Contemporary

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A mixture of new and old elements creates the ultimate contemporary looking space. The right cabinetry door would be flat panel or slab.

#4 Cottage

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Cozy, comfortable, and cute are just a few words that describe this one of a kind design style. The cabinetry door for this look will be inviting and have lots of detailing. That is why a mixture of accent and flat panel doors creates the perfect Cottage kitchen.

#5 Coastal

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If your dream is to live on a beach, Coastal designs are your jam. This is a design style that relies heavily on your color palette choice, but your door style could be any of the four.

#6 Traditional

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Want your kitchen to never go out of style? Traditional designs are perfect for you! Traditional door styles would be a combo of raised panel, flat panel, and accent doors. Remember, everyone loves a classic!

There is no right or wrong door style for your remodel. Now hopefully you have a better grasp of the different options for your home. The next step is to work with a designer! Your designer will help you decide on the right door and color to create the design of your dreams. Best of luck!