2019 Design Trends

Jan 17, 2019 | Design Trends

Interested in remodeling a space, but want to know what is trending this year and what isn’t? This blog post is here to help! Here are some of the main design trends for 2019. These specific trends are projected to grow in popularity throughout the next few years!

Say “YES” to:


IMG 1538copyIMG 1100copyFrom counter to ceiling, say yes to tile designs. In 2019, the main focal point in kitchens will be backsplashes. The uniqueness and characteristics in tile offered these days makes it easy to see why. Tile comes in many different shapes, textures, patterns, colors, and sizes. Tiling behind floating shelves, stove range, and sinks are some of the popular ways to utilize tile in a design. The best part about tile from counter to ceiling is making a space look and feel taller. Tile walls are a must in any new design this year!


IMG 0754copyDark moody color schemes are the thumbs up and heart eyes emoji in the design world. 2019 favorite colors are hunter green shades, dark or navy blue shades, and black. Why?… because white has dominated the design industry for far too long. It is time to be bold, to stand out, and to change things up! Don’t worry, only dabbling in the dark side works too; accessories go a long way. Using dark colored accents with a neutral or white base will still add a moody ambiance to any space, especially, as an island color, kitchen chairs, bar stools, or other kitchen accessories. Remember, matte black hardware like: plumbing, light fixtures, and knobs or pulls are every white kitchens favorite accessory.


IMG 3107copy

Wood is back! And it looks better than ever, and we predict it isn’t going anywhere for awhile. Natural raw materials have SO much character. Wood species with textures like striking grains and knots tend to be the most popular. This gives off a natural, crisp, and clean look or in other words creates a welcoming, calm, and warm environment in any home. There are still individuals looking to mix painted and wood cabinetry. To add that natural and warm element incorporate wood floating shelves. Floating shelves are suggested to be a popular entity in design this year. What if, replacing upper cabinets with floating shelves was recommended… would you dare?


IMG 1655copyHow many times do you look at a modern design and think “LOVE IT”! Then you see a picture on Pinterest of a farmhouse design and think “LOVE THAT TOO”? We get it, choosing a style to embrace throughout the entire house is HARD! Especially, when we are talking about the indecisive and eclectic individuals of the world. That is why TRANSITIONAL design totally rocks! Transitional designs with vintage accents mixed with modern elements seem to be forecasting as most popular for 2019. Though, you couldn’t go wrong with mixing a vintage vibe with any design style. Everybody loves a little “old school” in their lives!


IMG 2012copy

What is missing in this blog, oh yeah, 2019’s most popular design accessories – duh! Everyone loves their favorite accessory, same applies when designing! First up… soaking bathtubs are making a come back. People are seeking ways to unwind and rejuvenate after a long, stressful days work or week. Soaking bathtubs fill those needs, specifically when a bathroom resembles a spa.

Next up, concealed and clever storage options in cabinetry are becoming common in designs. People want organization. They also want to hide important documents and other information from friends and family. That is why cabinetry companies have focused on inserts to make anyone’s daily routines easier. Also, open concept living is still everyone’s favorite, but there are a few complaints that come along with choosing that floor plan. So… glass or steel dividers are becoming popular in open concept layouts. Glass or steel room dividers allows the homeowner privacy and noise balance, while still offering open space.

appliancesLast few things to cover, pewter is the “it” hardware finish as of right now. It is not as loud as matte black or as distinct as brass or gold. Speaking of hardware, bold dramatic light fixtures with a mid-century modern flair seem to be trending in all designs. Pendant styles seem to be the most popular. Appliances are moving toward simple and sleek. Blending your appliances into your design instead of standing out is suggested. That way individuals focus more on design details and less on your refrigerator or stove.

Say “NO” to:

A few things that seem to be on the downward spiral in the design world:


  • Gallery Walls → Instead of pictures everywhere, maybe choose one large picture that makes a statement of goes with the rooms ambiance. OR mix in floating shelves to add other decor then just pictures.
  • Industrial Kitchens → Still have their place, don’t get me wrong. It’s almost better to use elements from an industrial style kitchen with a more modern design a.k.a transitional design!
  • Microwave located over the oven → Now it’s recommended to relocate your microwave in places that aren’t as visual like: in the island, in the pantry, another spot in the layout, or in concealed cabinetry.
  • Rooms that are gray from head to toe → Gray by all means is not going out of style, but only using gray in your design palette is not recommended. Use gray as the main color in your design, but don’t forget to add contrast with other bold colors, patterns, or textures.

Design trends for 2019 have a lot of timeless and bold elements. We can’t wait to see what individuals decide to do with their next home renovation or new home build. Always remember when it comes to choosing design options, It’s Your Home…Make It GREAT!