Dec 13, 2018 | Design Knowledge

The Construction Phase


No one ever tells you how to prepare yourself for all the dust, noise, and people that come along with remodeling your home.  This post is not meant to discourage you from designing your next kitchen or master bathroom. It is meant for you to be prepared and educated on what to expect in the construction phase. So, let’s knock down all the questioning walls and watch your new space come to life.


IMG 3925Empty your project space and surrounding areas of all the items and valuables that need protection. Cover furniture pieces that are hard to move with a sheet to protect from dust. If you have fuzzy friends that roam your house, move your dog or cats water/food dishes in a different room. This preparation should be done a week or two before the remodel begins. If you have questions about the construction phase, now is the perfect time to talk with your designer and contractor. They will know when areas of your home will be out of commission, partially working, and functional again. Don’t be afraid to ask them about all the phases ahead of time. They will understand you need to plan for your family.

Kitchen Remodel Tip: Remove the microwave and place it in a different room. Worst case scenario your family can plan on tv dinners for a week instead of eating out all the time.



  • There is dust EVERYWHERE – even in sections of your house that are far away from the remodel zone.
  • Your head hurts from the constant noise, noise, NOISE in your remodel space. (everyone has a Grinch moment, during this phase. It’s okay, you really aren’t turning into the Grinch) It might be wise to work somewhere else than home or ask a friend to nap on their couch.
  • There are TONS of people in your house – contractors will be coming and going constantly during this phase.
  • Decisions must be MADE – there will be LOTS of questions from your contractors that will need to be answered immediately.
  • Never take your PATIENT cap off – Expect the unexpected. Remodel projects can often result in unforeseen challenges or flaws that require design changes.
  • Just like flying, expect DELAYS – weather happens, sickness happens, car issues happen, order delays happen, life happens. Don’t be surprised if the timeline lengthens.
  • When the finish line is farther than it APPEARS. Waiting for your extra flooring plank or tile in your backsplash may take longer than you might think. Remember there could be delays in ordering the extra items, and it takes time to reschedule contractors to fix little incomplete tasks.
  • Second guesses are second nature – it’s common to second guess the design details in the middle of the project. Everything may seem disjointed at this time, but everything pulls together in the end.

IMG 2067Tip: Don’t use your furnace or AC during the construction phase. This minimizes dust being spread throughout your entire house.

Extra: Contractors may work longer days sometimes and shorter days another time. Try not to be frustrated when this occurs. There is always a reason for it. Some projects take longer than others. That is why depending on the time of day, they can’t start on your next task. The ultimate goal is to do it right. So, trust your contractor.  There is a method to their madness. All the little imperfections will also me made right by the end of your project. Trust the process and your contractor/builder.


After all the pain and suffering listed above, after all the times you asked yourself why, after all the anxiety attacks about product selection, money, contractors… NOW you realize why you made this decision in the first place. It’s that moment, when you walk into your remodeled space thinking “I must be in the wrong house”. That’s when you look around at the new cabinetry that finally brightens up your space or adds a richness to your home. You marvel at the backsplash or a tile accent wall that adds glitz and glamour. You “o-o-h”, and “a-h-h” over the new flooring that makes your home feel brand new, and the hardware that brings out the details in your new design. That’s when you know it is time to celebrate all the wonderful changes to your home and throw a fabulous party!