Our Full Custom Cabinetry Line

Dec 13, 2018 | Kitchen Knowledge

Willkommen (Welcome in German) to our newest cabinet line Das Holz Haus fine cabinetry.


They are a handcrafted full custom cabinetry line that we had the opportunity to visit in the last month.

We traveled to an Amish community in Illinois where they live/work and are deeply rooted to their German heritage and values.

DHH SLD gang photo

We were welcomed with open arms from everyone we met…..and we were treated to a delicious Amish made dinner the night before our factory tour. The next morning, we started our tour with cups of coffee in hand. We began in their showroom where they have displays of their craftsmanship in a showroom that anyone considering having their cabinets custom made can visit.

We were constantly amazed by the hand-crafted detail and ingenuity they put into everything that they do.

DHH Electrical cut out   DHH special curved toe kick   DHH Custom cold air return   DHH Custom door front 1

From the Walnut drawer boxes to the Cherry cutlery dividers.

DHH Walnut drawer    DHH Cherry cutlery divider

To the giant curved crown (you can see how big it is by the size it is in his hand! To the curved island that they made all in one piece.

DHH Giant curved crown   DHH Curved island

Walnut drawer inserts set your drawers apart from everyone else’s while keeping you stylishly organized.

DHH Walnut drawer inserts

Spice pull out with Walnut accents

IMG 1540    

We especially liked their Factory mode of transportation…. They were quick!  You had to get out of the way ?

DHH Mode of factory transportation

Lastly we were treated to the “SWING” ….. two phone poles adapted to be an enormous swing.  Once you got going… it was SO HIGH!!!

DHH Swing with our fearless leader   DHH Swing

We all left the factory with a renewed sense of creativity and look forward to collaborating with them for some beautiful furniture and cabinetry.  We got a chuckle out of this little gem that was setting on their counter… Come see us at the Holland or Spring Lake showroom to see their beautiful display we would love to give you a tour.

DHH wood to cabinets visual