Winter Decor Trends

Nov 13, 2018 | Design Trends

Oh, the mixed feelings of Winter. Though many will say they don’t have mixed feeling, they just say, “I HATE THE COLD!” Whereas some individuals will simply smile up at the dazzling snow falling all around them and know it’s a yearly blessing. Snow represents a new beginning or transition which is why winter is the perfect season to redecorate. Here are some guidelines to stay in tune with the trends for this year’s winter decor.

Rural  Rooms  Rule  !

Comfort and security is the main goal when you walk into a rural decorated room. To create those feelings for individuals, one must mix two different design styles. Introduce Scandinavian soothing pastels to Rustic raw materials and neutral soft tones. Simplicity is key with Scandinavian design, so keep it simple, but add natural textures and warm wood tones to create a rural atmosphere.

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Rural Holiday Space Ideas:

  • Vintage wood objects ~ weather wood trays decorated with greenery and pinecones on coffee or side tables
  • Birch Tree Accents ~ candle holders, wreaths, frames, or add birch tree twigs in vases mixed with your favorite winter flowers
  • Raw Wood Looking Items
  • Hot Chocolate Bar ~ incorporate red checkered flannel items, winter themed dishes, fun signage, big Christmas light bulbs, Christmas canisters to put marshmallows, caramels, candy canes for the hot cocoa.
  • Vintage Wood Skis or Sleds ~ fun idea: those items might look really festive and welcoming on your front porch

Romance is a color choice!

What color shouts peacefulness, softness, and tenderness? Yes…PINK! Wait, rewind, did you really, just, say pink? Yes, pink represents the feelings of winter superbly. A pale pink and flaming red color palette when initiated in a room can create loving harmony in any room. Which brings me to my next point, don’t be afraid of that pink or red colored paint or wallpaper you liked at the store. Go for it! The romantic ambience it will create in your space will not leave you with any regrets, especially during the winter months.


Romantic Holiday Space Ideas:

  • Gold Holiday Decorations ~ Decor like: Christmas trees, reindeer, candle holders, picture frames, wreaths, Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas lights, and so much more
  • White Fuzzy/Furry Items ~ incorporate that in the Christmas tree skirt, stockings, letters (that spell something like NOEL), garland on your tree, etc.
  • Fake Snow ~ place it in clear candle holders or on your Christmas tree

Bring  N A T U R E  indoors!

Who doesn’t love a space where the primary color is green or blue? Most individuals are attracted to green and blue because of what those colors resemble. All the greenery in a forest or bodies of water throughout the world are arguably the two most picturesque scenes anyone will ever lay their eyes on. So, why not transform your existing spaces to feel like a tranquil vacation excursion in the Rocky mountains or a resort in the Bahamas.

15 evergreen table runner for a winter wedding

Nature Inspired Holiday Space Ideas:

  • images 1Garland, Garland, GARLAND ~ use it everywhere in your home
  • Real Pine Tree Branches ~ use them as your table runner (ditch the cloth) add pine cones, candles, and cranberries too
  • Wreaths ~ with pinecones and cranberries to tie in your table runner
  • Multiple Christmas Trees ~ add blue in the green forest by using blue ornaments, tree skirt, or Christmas lights
  • Real Tree Branches ~ painting them festive Christmas colors or accents colors or just adding glitter
  • Festive Signage

Whether your home screams rural, romantic, or nature all three of these styles are great for mixing with different designs. Transitional designs are in so mix romantic decor with traditional, rural decor with modern, and nature decor with industrial. We promise, you will not be disappointed with your decor this Holiday season!