How To Clean Certain Floors

Oct 16, 2018 | Cleaning Tips

How to keep your floors looking new

Cleaning floors is simple! All you need is the right equipment, clean solutions, and product knowledge for the particular floors in your house. Oh, time would help too! Lucky for you, this blog post will give you all that information. Well, except for the time, you will have to make that yourself!! So please, read on…


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What you need for Carpet Care: Carpettip

#1 a vacuum with rotating brush and suction

#2 cleaning products (DIY is a great option)

#3 that elusive thing called time

Do – Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis (preferably 2 times a week, especially if you own pets), clean up spills right away, don’t be afraid to use spot cleaner generously, and get your carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

Don’t – Wait to clean up spills. You don’t want dirt or stains to embed in the micro fibers!




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What you will need to clean your hardwood floors: 

#1 a microfiber mop or clothes

#2 a soft bristle broom or a vacuum (without a beater bar)

#3 hardwood cleaner like: Bona or Libman Hardwood cleaner

Hardwoodtip 1Do – Use a vacuum or broom to get rid of dirt and dust from the floor, if possible this should be done daily or every other day. Then with a microfiber mop or cloth and some hardwood solution, clean the entire floor. This should be done once a week. Also, make sure you wipe up spills immediately, that way it doesn’t soak into the wood’s grain and stain.

Don’t – Use a water-vinegar solution to clean your hardwood floors. It will ruin your floors finish!


Laminate & Luxury Vinyl

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What you need for Laminate & Luxury Vinyl Care:LLtip

#1 broom or a vacuum (without a beater bar)

#2 mop

#3 A non abrasive floor cleaner like: Pledge floor cleaner or a water & vinegar mixture

Do – Vacuum or sweep up floors a few times a week and use floor cleaner once a week.

Don’t – Use harsh chemicals or leave spills on the floor for long periods of time.




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What you need to clean your tile floors: TileTip

#1 mop

#2 broom or vacuum

#3 Tile Cleaner (We prefer a DIY solution)

Do – Sweep or vacuum daily to get rid of dust and dirt. Use tile cleaner once a week on your entire floor.

Don’t – Clean your tile with any tile cleaner. Make sure you check the labels and use cleaner for the specific tile you are cleaning in that space.





Now all you need is some spare time and your floors will be looking brand new!