Halloween Decor Ideas

Oct 16, 2018 | Holiday Fun

If you are anything like me, then you LOVE decorating your house for every season or holiday, but you want your seasonal or holiday decor to fit into the style of your home. In other words, for Fall you want more elegant decor rather then all that orange and black. That is why we are SO EXCITED to show you these two charming and chic pumpkin decor ideas. You can have these pumpkins for years to come or to pass on to your children. No need to worry about the threat of a rotten pumpkin or a kid or pet mashing it in your house. So, let’s find this stylish pumpkin patch.

First up – Sweater Pumpkins!

DSC 0161

Items Needed:

Sweater Sleeves

Rubber Bands

Dried Beans or Lentils

Polyester Fiberfill

Jute Twine

Glue Gun

How to make Sweater Pumpkins:

#1 You will need to cut the sleeves off the sweaters. After that you will want to cut the sleeve in half and turn them inside out. Then wrap one end tightly with a rubber band. Turn it right side out.

#2 To give the pumpkin a rather plump round shape add about an inch or a little more of the dried beans. This will also help keep the pumpkin standing upright.

#3 Add polyfill halfway up the sleeve, then grab another rubber band to tie the top as tight as possible.

#4 Tie jute cord tightly around the rubber band.

#5 To make the stem smaller on the top, cut corners off the top of the sleeve bulk.

#6 Grab more jute twine and wrap it as tight as possible all around the stem.

#7 The last step is the glue the end of the jute twine to the stem.

Now you have adorable fluffy pumpkins that can be placed anywhere in your home. Make every room in your home feel more like fall!

Now for the… Never Aging Painted Pumpkins!

Screen Shot 2018 10 16 at 3.37.50 PM

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Pumpkins

Paint Colors

Paint Brushes or sponges

Hot glue gun

Drywall filler

Polyurethane semi-gloss spray

How – To – Directions:

#1 With pliers take off the stems. Fill in the hole with drywall filler before painting.

#2 The first coat of paint can be any light color or a primer paint.

#3 Paint your pumpkins the color that you desire. Feel free to add texture by adding glitter in the paint.

#4 Once your pumpkins are dry, it is time to spray them with the polyurethane semi-gloss spray.

#5 The last step is to hot glue gun real pumpkin stems on the top of your plastic painted pumpkins. This gives the illusion that the pumpkins are real!

What is great about these pumpkins is how unique you can make them. You don’t have to follow any rules when choosing the paint color. You can pick and choose the colors that you want to showcase in your house or in specific rooms.