Knobs vs Pulls or Both?

Sep 20, 2018 | Design Trends

Knobs vs pulls is such a HARDware decision! Have you ever wondered, what hardware should go on your drawers and doors? What about only using pulls throughout the kitchen? Do you change the size of the pulls with the size of the drawers or do you pick a size that fits all? What if you only like knobs because they are simple or are knobs too simple? When you are remodeling or building, hardware is one of the most overlooked decisions. Details make the biggest impact on your design, so what hardware style, color, or size should you choose…

IMG 4989IMG 4983Simple, small, and sweet knobs are a practical hardware choice. You never have to worry about knobs fighting for attention in your new space. Instead, they love to accent or blend in with your design. Don’t get me wrong, not all knobs are simple. There are plenty of knob collections that can stand out like their partner in crime..Pulls. The shape, size, and detail in certain knobs can be quite eye catching. Truth be told, knobs can play their part flawlessly in any design style.

IMG 4975Sleek, sizable, and striking pulls are a commanding hardware choice. If you are looking for a statement with your hardware, pulls are your answer. The larger the pull the more your hardware and finish color will stand out. That being said, the finish you choose can really add more detail into your design. That helps create more dimension. Pulls have the superpower of adding more color and contrast in any space. For example, if you have all white cabinetry and add large matte black pulls, you are adding pops of color.

IMG 4984What about using both options in one space? The answer is absolutely yes! It’s like choosing jewelry to wear everyday. Mixing hardware is an extremely creative decision and can add a unique impact to your new kitchen or bathroom. Companies often create collections with matching knobs and pulls. That way if you like both there is a matching pair to use in your design. A popular option with hardware is using knobs on the upper cabinetry and pulls on the lower cabinetry. Another exciting way to incorporate both types of hardware is placing knobs on all the drawers and pulls on all the doors. There are so many fun and creative ways to mix both options. So, don’t worry if you can’t decide between the knob or the pull you love because you can use both!

IMG 5003IMG 4999The best decision to make when choosing hardware is testing them out! What do I mean by this? Touch and feel all the hardware you are interested in to make sure it is comfortable in your hand before purchasing for your entire space. Another aspect would be to pay attention to the details in your cabinetry, plumbing, light fixtures, etc. to see if your knobs or pulls should be more square and straight or more round and curvy. Loving every aspect of your new space even includes the smallest of details. That is why hardware is another important part of the design process.