Earthy Cabinetry Tones

Sep 20, 2018 | Design Trends

There is an overwhelming amount of beauty on this earth. That is why nature is everyone’s favorite design palette. Everything from shoes and fashion to car colors is formed by the colors of Mother Nature. Cabinetry colors are the same way. The colors offered in cabinetry catalogs are often based on what you see outside. Browns, tans, grays, blues, greens can all be traced back to the earth’s elements.

IMG 4908IMG 4873Brown and tan tones create a safe and warm environment. Those colors represent many objects but a few in particular are trees and sand. Cabinetry wood species stains from Dura Supreme do a great job of emulating the environment around us. For example,  trees create an illusion of protection because of their height and stability. The stain Cappuccino on Cherry, Knotty Alder, and Hickory are a rich brown that resemble tree trunks. The beach is where everyone daydreams about being instead of at work. Sand represents relaxation and paradise. Cashew and Sesame stains on Cherry, Knotty Alder, and Oak have a driftwood appearance. There are many other browns and tans to choose from that represent Mother Nature’s beauty.

IMG 4886IMG 4889 1Gray is the “trending” color, as it should be.  The different tones of gray match with any design and contrast perfectly with brighter colors. Gray hues can be found in sea shells, stones, in mountain terrain, smoke, and so much more. Dura Supreme loves gray! They have created gorgeous gray stains and paint colors. Heather, Pebble, Shell Gray, and Smoke are popular gray stains. Paint colors like Moonstone, Silver Mist, and Zinc are beautiful gray tones that are great as the main color or accents in any cabinetry design. Gray is the perfect replacement for those who are sick of white and want to add a little Mother Nature tone to their space.

IMG 4881Blues and greens are my favorite choice. They work perfectly as the main color or as an accent color. Blue and greens are peaceful and soothing. I love what blues and greens represent in Mother Nature’s scenery, resembling nature’s most beautiful elements like: oceans, lakes, rivers, grass, leaves, flowers, and so much more. It is obvious why individuals would be attracted to cabinetry in a blue or green hues! Woodland Cabinetry offers a wide range of options in the blue and green tones. Our personal favorites are Moss, Sea Glass, and Meadow. Dura Supremes Gale Force is a navy look-a-like; this color is paired nicely with wood stains. Custom color options are also possible with either Woodland or Dura Supreme cabinetry. That way you can create your new space in the blues or greens that you see in Mother Nature. 

Paint ColorsAnother inspiring element of Mother Nature are the four seasons! Seasons are another reason for cabinetry colors. Summer is a season everyone wishes would stay longer. Though, if you live in Michigan, you know it only stays long enough to tease you. The colors that surround summer are cheerful and energizing making them the perfect inspiration for your new design. Fall is beyond gorgeous and resembles so many fun activities and incredible smells; symbolizing warmth and cozy spaces. Winter is pure and clean represented by simple sophisticated designs that are timeless. Spring brings life and a fresh start which is a perfect way to look at your renovation or new build. There are numerous design palettes that can be created by Mother Nature, the design industries favorite muse.

*Cabinetry Colors may vary slightly on the computer screen from actual product color.