The Ultimate Tile! Drumroll, Please…

Aug 10, 2018 | Design Trends

What tile looks incredible in either neutrals or vibrant color? What tile comes smooth or textured? What tile comes small or large? What tile looks breathtaking as a backsplash and as a shower or an accent wall? The answer is… SUBWAY TILE! Subway tile never goes out of style.

featured tile subway

Looking for a decorative tile that is timeless, yet can keep up with the newest design trends? Subway tile is the right fit for you. There are many different versions of subway tile that keep any design fresh and rich. Subway tile now offers multiple different colors. The most popular color choice tends to be in the white, grey, tan, and blue or green families.


Example of Offset Pattern

subway tile backsplash colors colored subway tile backsplash 1642

Example of Offset Pattern

Once, you pick the color for your dream kitchen or bathroom, you have more decisions to make. You need to now decide if you would like glossy, matte, glass or textured subway tile or a combination of choices?  Popular textures are narrowed down to beveled, brick, marble, and handmade. Beveled subway tile adds dimension to the space. Brick subway tile creates an industrial look. Square subway tile is a fun twist on the original, offering an alternative to rectangular subway tile. Marble subway tile is best for a more luxurious and sophisticated style. Handmade subway tile is usually a favorite option, though it tends to run at a little higher price point. It offers a more dramatic look, and the light bounces off to create movement. As you can tell, the styles and options are endless when discussing subway tile.

Another captivating aspect of subway tile is pattern formation. There are many to choose from. Here are the most popular patterns for subway tile: offset, herringbone, crosshatch, and straight set. Offset is the classic and most popular pattern. The look resembles conventional brickwork. To create this look, you center the tile over the grout seam below creating a staggered pattern. This pattern offers alternatives, it can be placed diagonal and vertical as well.

Herringbone is the trending configuration for 2018. It is also a designers favorite pattern choice here at Straight Line Design because of the visual illusion of motion. This pattern can be easily used as a backsplash in any style kitchen, beautiful detailed shower, or as an accent wall. It can also be set at a 45- degree angle or diagonally.

herringbone tiles bathroom 700x1009

Example of Herringbone Pattern   


Example of Crosshatch

Crosshatch, otherwise known as basketweave is a fun and more unique way of arranging subway tile. This pattern tends to pair nicely with more contemporary and modern designs. 

Straight set is another way to place your subway tile. The subway tile is lined perfectly straight up and down. This creates a vision of having a longer or broader space. It is also found more in contemporary, modern and transitional designs.

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Example of Straight Set

A huge hit in the tile design world right now is contrasting grout color. Contrasting grout color creates a focal point by gravitating the attention toward your tile pattern. This adds more depth and texture to a space. Also, it can be a great way to mix in color in a simple kitchen or bathroom. It is a fun detail to add when you are using white or black tile. The pop of contrast can nicely set off any design.


Example of Contrasting Grout

It is not hard to see why most individuals are drawn toward subway tile. All the the colors, patterns, textures, and details in subway tile offers loads of creativity in any style. Subway tile is the ideal tile for the most simple to bold spaces. No wonder why subway tile is the ultimate option when choosing a backsplash, shower, and so much more.


Example of Contrasting Grout & Offset Pattern