The “IT” Kitchen Color

Aug 10, 2018 | Kitchen Knowledge

What is the “it” color for kitchens this year? Numerous trending kitchen articles all point to one interesting and clear conclusion, that the “it” color revolves around: greys, greens, blues, neutrals, bold colors, vibrant colors, and pastel colors. Use that “it” color for your cabinetry; make a statement with a colored apron front sink; add hues of the “it” color in your backsplash, etc., etc. The truth be told, the “it” color this year is individuality! The “it” color is your choice! The “it” color can be whatever YOU make it.

Many articles will suggest that grey is the new white, but black and white color pallets will never go out of style. Hunter or sage greens are the perfect combo with neutral wood tones. Blue with bronze accents creates a sophisticated look. The list goes on and on. Article after article on trends all point in the same direction…“It’s your home… make it great.” The “it” color is all about being YOU!

Love where you live!  Love the kitchen where you cook and socialize!  Love the bathroom where you get ready everyday! Love the family room where your kids play!  Make your home your favorite place to be with your favorite colors. If you are remodeling your kitchen or building new, and you want to use this years “it” color, remember that color is up to you. The “it” color is being you! There are many products out there now with custom options. Use those options and show everyone your “it” color.

*Straight Line Design “it” color Example*

IMG 2581copy

One of our clients decided to go bold or go home when choosing their kitchen color palette. They created this one of a kind breathtaking kitchen using a few of their favorite colors. Our talented designer Paige designed their space with their dream kitchen colors in mind. Using a neutral color for the base cabinetry to draw attention to the vibrant custom blue color in the upper cabinetry. Another way they incorporated one of their favorite colors is by adding an orange tile border. By creating a space that illustrates their personality, it automatically creates a unique look. Instead of blending in with all the styles you would see in popular design magazines, this couple can go home confidently knowing their kitchen is an original. Now they can walk into their kitchen everyday knowing they didn’t settle when making their dream kitchen a reality.

We hope hearing this and seeing how amazing that kitchen turned out, you won’t be afraid to be YOU when designing. Styles come and go, but your dreams last a lifetime. So be inspired and love your home!