Cleaning Tips What’s Your Spring Cleaning Plan?

April 18, 2019by Sarah Ruter

What brings music to your ears? For a Michigander it’s the sound of birds chirping outside, which means SPRING IS FINALLY HERE, BABY! WooHoo!!!!! Though, as much as the thought of snow slowly fading away (fingers crossed of course) brings a smile to most residents in Michigan… at the same time, the thought of spring cleaning may form a frown on your lips.

Spring cleaning is a necessary evil. The famous phrase from Nike: Just Do IT, is what comes to mind when I prepare for spring cleaning. Over the years, I have found creating lists for each area of the house helps motivate me to endure the tedious cleaning tasks. Lucky for you, my Spring Cleaning Checklists are listed below for your enjoyment (If you are one of those weirdos that ACTUALLY enjoys cleaning. 😉

Here you go ~ 10 Spring Cleaning Room Lists to ensure you kick Spring Cleanings @$$ this year:

Make A Clean Entrance

The Entryway:

_Sweep & Mop Floors

_Vacuum & Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

_Clean Doors

_Shake Out & Clean Doormats

_Organize Shoes & Coats (put away winter items and donate those never worn coats and shoes)

The Heart of Your Home

The Kitchen:

_Clean Stove Top (how to clean your stove top in previous blog post)

_Clean Oven

_Clean & Wipe Down Microwave

_Clean Dishwasher

_Clean & Wipe Down Refrigerator & Freezer (get rid of the smelly, moldy expired items)

_Defrost Freezer

_Discard Old & Expired Food & Spices in Pantry & Cabinets.

_Clear Countertops

_Degrease Cabinet Doors & Backsplash

_Clean Inside Cabinetry

_Clean Hardware

_Dust High Surfaces

_Deodorize & Degrease Sink Drain with Salt

_Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

_Mop Floors

_Shake Out Floor Mats

Come Gather At A Clean Table

The Dining Room:

_Dust China in China Cabinet

_Launder & Press Table Linens

_Polish Silver

_Dust & Polish Furniture

_Vacuum & Spot Clean Chair Cushions

_Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

_Clean Light Fixtures

_Dust Blinds

_Dust Curtain Rods

_Clean & Wash Windows & Window Sills

_Clean or Vacuum Curtains

_Mop or Vacuum Floors

_Shampoo Rugs & Carpet

Wash All Your Worries Away

The Bathrooms:

_Discard Expired Meds, Personal Products, & Makeup

_Clean Makeup Brushes

_Clean Vanity

_Wipe Down Mirrors

_Clean Tub & Shower (see prior blog post on using lemons in your shower)

_Clean Showerhead

_Replace Shower Curtain Liner

_Scrub Tile Grout

_Clean Toilet

_Clean Hardware

_Sweep & Mop Floors

_Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

Keep Your Clothes Dirty Not The Space

The Laundry Room:

_Clean Washing Machine

_Clean Dryer Vent

_Clean Lint Trap

_Organize Laundry Supplies

_Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

_Mop Floors

Don’t Forget To Make Your Bed

The Bedrooms:

_Wipe Down Walls & Baseboards

_Dust & Polish Furniture

_Organize Closet (donate unused clothes)

_Wash All Bedding  

_Vacuum Carpets

_Flip Mattress

_Dust Blinds & Curtain Rods

_Clean & Vacuum Curtains

_Clean & Wash Windows

_Mop & Vacuum Floors

_Clean Rugs or Carpet

Good & Clean Vibes Only

The Living Room:

_Dust & Polish Furniture

_Wash Slipcovers

_Wash Blankets & Pillows

_Vacuum Sofa & Chairs

_Dust Blinds & Curtain Rods

_Clean & Wash Curtains

_Wash Windows & Window Sills

_Clean Ceiling Fans

_Dust & Clean Lamp Shades

_Dust Electronics

_Dust & Clean Decor

_Sanitize Remote Controls

_Mop & Vacuum Floors

_Clean Carpet & Rugs

Bless (clean) This Mess

The Playroom:

_Sanitize Plastic Toys with Soap & Water

_Wash Stuffed Animals & Soft Toys  

_Organize Toys & Play Areas (donate unused toys)

_Mop & Vacuum Floors

_Clean Carpet & Rugs

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn or Clean

The Office:

_Recycle Unneeded Paperwork

_Dust & Polish Furniture

_Dust Bookshelf

_Dust Electronics

_Sanitize Keyboard & Mouse

I Triple Dog Dare You To Clean Your Garage

The Garage:

_Declutter Tools, Sporting Equipment, & Toys

_Open Up Garage Door To Air Out Space

_Wipe Down Walls

_Sweep Floor

_Clean Garage Door & Frame

_Replace Batteries in Garage Door Openers

_Clean Windows

Other Items Throughout Your Home


_Test & Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

_Replace Air Filters as Needed

_Clean Air Vents & Registers

_Clean Light Fixtures

_Replace Light Bulbs as Needed

_Sanitize Door Handles

_Sanitize Light Switches

Hopefully, the above lists help you prepare and feel good about spring cleaning this year. You are not alone, if you are thinking those 10 lists appear like a daunting task and you would rather climb Mount Everest than partake in cleaning that intensely. The best thing to do is take one room at a time. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in a day…you have three months! Just remember ~ a Clean Home is a Happy Home!

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18055 174th Ave
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Spring Lake: +1-616-296-0920
Holland: +1-616-377-7089
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